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'The Bachelor' 2014: Spoilers offer bombshell and winner of Juan Pablo's heart

The Bachelor” 2014 has the reality show world mesmerized with that sexy accent, the same accent that drew Desiree Hartsock in on the “Bachelorette” not so long ago. What made Juan one of the rejected hunks on her show?

"The Bachelor" 2014 Juan Pablo gives his heart to one girl in the end and Reality Steve reveals who she is!
The Bachelor 2014/ ABC

According to the International Business Times on Jan. 6, rumors were flying on “The Bachelorette” that Juan Pablo wanted to be on that show as a stepping stone to becoming the next “Bachelor.”

Desiree, who was falling for him, decided to let him go, apparently due to those rumors.

Now Juan Pablo had 27 women vying for his attention and love when the season opened this week on Sunday and Monday nights. How is Juan’s season going to fare?

While the show’s just had its opener, the go-to guy for “The Bachelor” spoilers is none other than Reality Steve. Last year he got the winner wrong, but he has passed along so many other spoilers that rang true about “The Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” franchise that you can’t help but peek at his offerings.

Why not check out what he is pondering for the 2014 season of “The Bachelor.” If you are not into spoilers, it is time to stop reading.

According to Star Spin today, Reality Steve predicts:

Final four: Clare, Renee, Nikki and Andi.

After hometown dates: Renee is sent home.

After fantasy dates: Andi lets he true feelings be known and that is she doesn’t have the feeling for Juan Pablo that she thought she would have. This bombshell and bizarre episode is predicted to throw curve at Juan Pablo. Andi drops out of the competition. (Is Andi a “Bachelorette down the road?)

Final rose ceremony: Nikki and Clair make the final rose ceremony. Nikki earns the reputation of being the bit*h of the house this season, but doesn't the squeaky wheel get the oil?

"The Bachelor" 2014 winner is: There you have it in a nut shell, Reality Steve says Nikki is the winner of Juan Pablo’s heart. Now is Reality Steve on his game this season? Even with the spoilers, you still have to wait to see if “The Bachelor” guru got all his ducks in a row this time around with his educated predictions.

"The Bachelor is on Monday nights on ABC starting at 8 p.m. EST.

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