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'The Bachelor' 2014 spoilers: Juan Pablo reveals the winner of ‘The Bachelor’?

The Bachelor” 2014 spoiler below is not for fans of the show who enjoy suspense, the intricacies of love, romance, dramatic twists, and the unknown. Continue reading at your own risk. One wonders whether ABC officials knew what they were in for when they chose Juan Pablo Galavis as the bachelor for season 18 of “The Bachelor.” According to a Feb. 24, 2014, LaLate report, “Juan Pablo is redefining Bachelor promotions this week, but making clear to viewers that RealitySteve Bachelor Spoilers are right, and that he wants to find love at a basketball game rather than on ABC.”

'The Bachelor' 2014 spoiler: Juan Pablo reveals the winner of ‘The Bachelor’
CBS News

So who wins “The Bachelor” 2014?

It all depends on how one defines being a winner.

If Nikki Ferrell cares about being the “chosen one,” she can consider herself to be the winner, at least on TV. As LaLate reports, “Juan Pablo picks Nikki Ferrell as ‘the Bachelor’ 2014 winner, Juan Pablo and Nikki don’t stay together, they don’t get engaged, they split, and Nikki Ferrell does not find true love.” But does one need true love if one has it on a reality TV show?

If Mayra Veronica cares about love in real life rather than on TV, she might be the lucky one as she apparently is Juan Pablo’s true object of affection. At least that is what it appears like after Juan Pablo and Mayra Veronica were seen together being affectionate at the Clipper’s basketball game in Los Angeles just before Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor.”

“Hey, another week, another tabloid story of Juan Pablo [flirting] out at a Clipper game in LA. Does it mean that he did? Of course not. But it certainly doesn’t help any image he’s trying to portray.”

With all the attention and being surrounded by all these beautiful women, bachelor Juan Pablo most likely cares very little about the image that he is, or is not supposed to portray. He already considers himself to be a winner – no matter what lady is by his side.

“What is Juan Pablo doing? For now, he is confirming the Bachelor spoilers and making this season anything but suspenseful. “

“The guy likes women, he’s certainly not going to settle down with Nikki, and he just did this show to increase his brand and try and get a job out of it. Nothing more, nothing less.”

ABC, who is -- with its ratings -- certainly the true winner of “The Bachelor,” must have known what it is getting into when choosing Juan Pablo Galavis, who was born on Aug. 5, 1981, as the bachelor for season 18 after he had been eliminated midway from “The Bachelorette” in May of 2013.

Being a Latino handsome, an American-born Venezuelan former professional soccer player who retired in 2008, a father, and a bit too outspoken -- makes Juan Pablo Galavis a diamond in the rough. Why shine him up if he brings in the money the way he is?

On Jan. 18, Juan Pablo apologized publicly on Facebook for his comment that it would not be a good idea to have a gay or bisexual bachelor. Of course, Juan Pablo’s words were taken out of context and misinterpreted due to language interference.

However, Juan Pablo’s apology and ABC’s reaction that "Juan Pablo’s comments were careless, thoughtless and insensitive, and in no way reflect the views of the network, the show’s producers or studio" came just at the right time to draw attention to the beginning of season 18 of “The Bachelor.”

Would ABC (or most viewers) really want a bachelor who picks his lady, marries her, becomes a mother to his daughter, and then lives happily ever after? How much of reality would that really be?

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