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'The Bachelor' 2014: Red flags already fly around some of the women

"The Bachelor" 2014 is here and the two-night premiere for the new season started Sunday, with the second part airing tonight, Monday, Jan. 6. Juan Pablo Galavis is looking like one of the sexiest Bachelor's on the show yet, but how are the ladies going to fare in tonight's episode?

"The Bachelor" Juan Pablo Galavis is quite possibly the sexist bachelor yet!
The Bachelor

According to a new ABC clip of "The Bachelor" 2014, already some of the ladies vying to find love and looking for attention have said things they probably shouldn't have. Red flags pop up as a few of the ladies think before they speak.

According to Entertainment Weekly on Jan. 5, some of the ladies took their interviews just a little too serious when it came to being truthful. Revealing that you were a virgin up until about two weeks ago really is too much information and certainly not the best recommendation for yourself.

If you want to be in the running to find a mate for life on this game show for love, it's a good idea to convince the folk's interviewing you that you would make a good contestant. Saying things like, you want to fall in love, you love kids and want a family, are usually a good start. It's not a bad idea to give every indication that you're sincere about your motives.

Telling the panel deciding if you are a good match for the show that your "eggs are about to expire" isn't top notch thinking. Not being sure if you could be a step-mother to "The Bachelor's" kid is another red flag for the people interviewing the contestants. Talent is a plus, but touching your nose with your tongue isn't going to come in handy unless a fly happens to land there. It certainly isn't a plus when weeding out the "yes" contestants from the "maybes."

The talent of being able to fit your entire fist in your mouth isn't necessarily going to push you to the front of the line to appear on the show. Telling the interviewers that you have a tendency to "flirt with girls" isn't giving you a foot in the door for finding love with a guy. To check out some of these very strange interviews, click here: ABC video offers highlights of bizarre interview clips from "The Bachelor" 2014.

Check out "The Bachelor" 2014 second part of the season premiere on Monday, Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. ET.

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