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'The Bachelor' 2014 news: Could Juan Pablo end up back with Carla Rodriguez?

Juan Pablo Galavis
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Tonight on "The Bachelor" 2014 viewers will get to meet Carla Rodriguez. She is Juan Pablo Galavis' ex and also the mother of his daughter Camila. Now this has fans wondering if they could end up back together. On Feb. 17, Star Spin discussed the possibility of this happening.

Whoever he picks at the end, will have to be okay with Carla being part of their life. That is hard for any woman. The entire journey Carla has shared a lot of Instagram photos with him. They are with their daughter of course, but they are still very connected to each other.

A lot of fans say that it doesn't matter who he picks. People feel like he will end up back with Carla no matter what happens in the end. Reality Steve has already spoiled that even though he does pick someone that he will not propose to them. That leaves Carla room to swoop in and get her man back.

"The Bachelor" 2014 is now airing on Monday nights on ABC. Don't miss new episodes each week.

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