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'The Bachelor 2014' Juan Pablo Galavis gets snarky over 'R-word' joke, backlash

'The Bachelor 2014' Juan Pablo Galavis in hot water once again
Copyright ABC/Craig Sjodin 2013

ABC's “The Bachelor 2014” Juan Pablo Galavis has attracted criticism yet again for something he said that he blames on cultural differences. Galavis retweeted a picture with a “joke” a follower shared with him that many found quite offensive. Then, he brushed the issue off as a cultural difference and seemed to put it back on others to not be able to take a joke. GossipCop shared the details on March 6.

The tweet that caught all the attention used the R-word and Galavis retweeted it saying JAJAJAJAJA LOVED it.” That tweet has seemingly been deleted, and it's clear he got some flack for it, most “The Bachelor” fans would say rightfully so.

It didn't take long for him to then tweet, “People, try to be HAPPY and enjoy JOKES and SARCASM...” He added that in Venezuela the R-word “is USED commonly and by NO means is to OFFEND anyone... #Relax #DifferentCulture #Respect.” Galavis then added that people need to travel around the world more and open their minds.

It's been a common theme this season for Juan Pablo to blame cultural differences or the fact that English is not his native language on what he would say are misunderstandings with the show's fans or those associated with the show. He previously got a lot of backlash for his response when asked in a quick interview about the possibility of the show ever having a gay bachelor, as his remarks struck many as homophobic.

The ratings for this season have remained strong, and Galavis still has dedicated supporters. However, many other “The Bachelor” fans are less and less impressed the more Juan Pablo talks, tweets or otherwise shares things that make him seem insensitive at the very least.

What does Galavis' chosen lady from “The Bachelor 2014” think of all of this? People are definitely wondering. According to Reality Steve's spoilers the two are technically still together, at least for now, but many wonder just how long it'll last. One way or the other, fans will hear more from Juan Pablo Galavis and his final two ladies, Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley, on the March 10 finale of ABC's “The Bachelor 2014.”

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