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'The Bachelor 2014' finale: Juan Pablo updates fans, 'big surprise' falls flat

What was the big surprise teased for 'The Bachelor 2014' with Juan Pablo?
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

ABC's “The Bachelor 2014” is now a wrap, though chances are many fans were left a bit shaken and stunned. Mike Fleiss had promised a big surprise, but what the "After the Final Rose" special delivered didn't quite match up to the promise. Juan Pablo Galavis picked Nikki Ferrell, and the two gave something of an update during the live “ATFR” special.

Nikki Ferrell said during “The Bachelor” “ATFR” she's absolutely still in love with Juan Pablo Galavis. When asked if he loves her, she admitted she doesn't know. He hasn't said he loves her, but Nikki says she's okay with that for now. She insists that he's very honest, and if he wasn't invested in the relationship, he wouldn't still be there. Fans aren't quite so sure.

Juan Pablo Galavis came out and was typical Juan Pablo. He talked a lot about wanting to keep things private, and he wouldn't say much about his feelings for Nikki. What about that big surprise? Some have a hunch that a while back, Galavis had led producers to believe he'd go ahead and propose to Nikki on the “ATFR.” In fact, Reality Steve's spoilers had said production had offered him a lot of money to do that, so fans were watching to see if he'd go for it.

Chris Harrison set up Juan Pablo for the big surprise, more than once. But, Juan Pablo wouldn't bite. He said something about his big surprise being the fact that he can be with Nikki now, but it was clear something was fishy with the whole explanation.

Later when pushed to share what plans the two have now that the show is over, Galavis acted very strangely and wouldn't say much. He did touch on the fact that their plans changed as of a couple of weeks ago, just before the “Women Tell All” taped. He wouldn't say what happened though.

Wetpaint shares a solid theory that perhaps Juan Pablo and Nikki planned to move to Los Angeles together after the show, much like Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici did, because they thought he'd have a spot on "Dancing With the Stars." However, Juan Pablo's controversial antics throughout the season seemingly cost him a spot on "DWTS," thus the sudden change of plans.

As for the big surprise that never materialized, could it be that Juan Pablo was up for the cash grab and proposal until things got so rocky with production? If Juan Pablo had led producers to believe he was going to propose, it sure doesn't look like he told them he changed his mind. The entire segment was simply bizarre.

Juan Pablo seems similar to Ben Flajnik in that he's clearly unhappy with the show and those behind it, and he wants to wash his hands of it all. He thinks that with the finale over, he can ditch the public interest and do things his way. As Sean Lowe told him, however, that isn't the way it works.

What does the future hold for Juan Pablo and Nikki? It doesn't look like fans hold out much hope. If there was ever a couple that seemed destined for a split, it really has got to be this one. Juan Pablo says he's all about honesty, but his approach seems rather selective. Some would add self-centered to that description as well.

While technically Nikki Ferrell was the “winner” this season, some fans of ABC's “The Bachelor 2014” would say Clare Crawley, Andi Dorfman and Chris Harrison probably were the bigger winners. Reality Steve was a winner too, as he nailed the spoilers this season once again.

What did you think of ABC's “The Bachelor 2014” finale? Do you think there's any chance Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell will last? What do you think the deal was with that supposed surprise?

Update: E! shares that indeed, Juan Pablo had led production to believe he was going to propose, then threw everybody for a loop.

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