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‘The Bachelor’ 2014 episode 4: What to Expect from Juan Pablo in South Korea

‘The Bachelor’ 2014 episode 4: What to Expect from Juan Pablo in South Korea
‘The Bachelor’ 2014 episode 4: What to Expect from Juan Pablo in South Korea
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The synopsis for this week’s episode of “The Bachelor” asks “What happens when Juan Pablo decides not to kiss every girl?” The season 18 episode 4 takes Juan Pablo and the girls to South Korea for a little fun and according to Wetpaint on Jan. 21, the claws come out.

A few of the girls get the chance to hang out with “K-Pop” superstars 2NE1 and learn a routine specially choreographed for them. The lesson doesn’t appear to have gone very well as the girls can be seen wildly gyrating in front of a mall crowd. Kat Hurd, the professional dancer does herself proud but Nikki Ferrell has a serious case of stage fright. When the “Performance” is over, one of the ladies drags Juan Pablo off to the side to explain her dislike of group dates.

Sharleen Joynt goes to a quaint market with JP to buy souvenirs, sample some local cuisine and then relax at a tea house. She discloses her doubts and fears to the bachelor. Honesty is always a good thing. But when he asks her about juggling her opera career with motherhood responsibilities, Sharleen is left speechless.

Six other girls go on another group date that involves fish pedicures, and a river tour on swan paddleboats. One young lady tries to pull JP into her own world which doesn’t exactly go over well with the others. And after last week’s kiss fest, Juan Pablo decides to kiss no one this week, even rejecting one woman’s obvious advances.

During the cocktail party, the girls discuss letting the women who haven’t yet received a rose have a chance to spend some time with Juan Pablo. One of the girls breaks the agreement because she’s out to win this competition. When it’s all over, 2 more ladies will be sent home.

“The Bachelor” season 18, episode 4 will air Monday, January 27 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. Don’t forget to check back here often for more news, spoilers and updates.

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