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'The Bachelor 18': Week 7 recap

Juan Pablo Galavis, the Bachelor
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Tonight, Feb. 17, “The Bachelor” travelled from New Zealand to Juan Pablo’s hometown of Miami. The girls checked into their penthouse and received new swimsuits while Juan Pablo stopped by to see his daughter, Camila. He met them at their hotel room and handed Sharleen the first one-on-one date card. He told her to go get ready, and she thought he was kidding.

As Juan Pablo and Sharleen went on their date, the rest of the ladies tried to figure Sharleen out.

Meanwhile, Juan Pablo and Sharleen hopped onto a yacht. Sharleen was still hoping for their “cerebral connection” and worried she wasn’t ready to introduce Juan Pablo to her family. As they relaxed on the yacht, they started to kiss, and Sharleen went on and on about their magnetic chemistry. They lounged at the beach, and Sharleen explained her priorities are different now than they used to be, and she is ready for change.

That night, they continued to spend time on the yacht as Sharleen hoped for the mental connection, which is pretty hard to find when all you do is make out every time you see each other. Finally, they came up for air, and Juan Pablo asked how Sharleen felt about him meeting her family. “I think I can do it…I think I can make it work. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it.” (Sounds confident). During her in-the-moment on camera, Sharleen said she felt right being on the boat with Juan Pablo, but there was still a little voice inside telling her it wasn’t right. (Good sign).

The next date card arrived for Nikki, who immediately worried she would have to dance again. Sharleen returned from her date and went right to Renee to talk outside. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to bring Juan Pablo home, and she didn’t feel it was fair to take the spot from someone who was sure. Renee told her to think about what she would regret if she left, but Sharleen still wasn’t sure what to do.

In the morning, Nikki met Juan Pablo and was curious about what they were doing. Juan Pablo sat her down and told her they were going to Camila’s dance recital…where she would not only meet Camila, but also Juan Pablo’s parents and Camila’s mother, Carla.

Chelsie, Renee, Clare, and Andi received the group date card, along with another card letting them know a rose would be up for grabs on their date.

Juan Pablo and Nikki went to Marlins’ park, which Juan Pablo referred to as his office, and just drove right on inside. A scantily clad Nikki played catch with Juan Pablo before they sat down on the field to talk. Nikki asked how someone would fit into Juan Pablo’s family and wondered how Carla was with everything. Juan Pablo told her she is fine and wants the best for him. Nikki revealed to us that she was in love with Juan Pablo.

Sharleen sat down and told the others that she was super conflicted and had been for a while now. She didn’t think it was fair to Juan Pablo or the others to even potentially take a spot, so she was going to leave that night. Andi asked if she was sure, and Sharleen didn’t want the others to think she was taking it in stride, but it was because she was taking this seriously that she needed to leave.

Sharleen went to see Juan Pablo and told him that even though their date was amazing, she didn’t know if she could get to the place she was supposed to be at in three weeks’ time. A proposal just didn’t seem like it was something possible for her, and she didn’t want to take the spot of someone else who could be in that place for him. Sharleen told him she was sorry, and he wiped away her tears and told her it was okay. After she left, Juan Pablo told the camera that she was going to have a hometown and grew tearful as he talked about her honesty.

The rest of the ladies met Juan Pablo the next morning, and he explained the person he gave the rose to would get more time with him later on that night, as they sat on a private island. Chelsie shared letters her mother had given her before leaving for the show. Andi started crying and told Juan Pablo she was feeling a lot of emotions, which was hard, because she doesn’t really show emotions. With hometowns next week, it was scary to put her family out there and not have any guarantees. She was nervous about the failure of everything not working out. As always, Juan Pablo calmed her down. Clare told Juan Pablo about being the youngest of six girls, and Juan Pablo wished he could meet her dad because of all the good things she said about him. Then, it was Clare’s turn to cry. She told Juan Pablo about the video her dad had made for her future husband.

Just as the rain started to come down, Juan Pablo picked up the rose and offered it to Andi, which made Clare wonder what she was doing there. As the rest of the ladies flew back to the hotel, Juan Pablo and Andi swam a while longer, before heading to a club to dance.

Clare, Renee, and Chelsie filled Nikki in on how their date worked and the abrupt ending it had before awkward silence settled in. Chelsie was her usual giggly self, and Clare said she wasn’t going to sit there and be fake after Andi got the extra time, so Nikki walked out of the room. Clare went after her to ask what that was about, and Nikki told her she didn’t want to sit around while everyone was talking about her friend. Nikki didn’t want to be a part of the conversation because she didn’t feel like she had anything to add. Nikki said it was clear they didn’t like each other and asked Clare to leave. The two continued to argue before Clare eventually left the room.

Juan Pablo took Renee aside first during the Cocktail Party, and Chelsie tried to keep conversation going. Nikki told Andi she just wanted the night to be over and went on about what she has with Juan Pablo. While Nikki was with Juan Pablo, Clare told Renee and Chelsie that if the three of them got roses, it would mean Juan Pablo had his head on straight. Chelsie left Clare and Nikki alone when she went to the bathroom, and the two of them just sat in complete silence until Andi joined them, followed by Renee, Chelsie, and Juan Pablo.

Chris Harrison interrupted the “party,” and Juan Pablo stood up and told everyone how difficult his decision would be.

Going into the Rose Ceremony, Andi was the only one with a rose. Juan Pablo then offered roses to Nikki, Clare, and Renee, leaving Chelsie as the one to leave, just shy of the hometown dates. They all stood in awkward silence as Juan Pablo started to cry, and Chris Harrison finally returned to tell Chelsie to say her good-byes. Juan Pablo walked her out, and Chelsie told him she wanted him to find his best match and for her to find hers.

What do you think of this season of The Bachelor? What do you think of next week’s drama? Who do you want Juan Pablo to end up with? Leave a comment below!

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