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'The Bachelor 18': Week 6 recap

Juan Pablo Galavis, the Bachelor
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Tonight, Feb. 10, "The Bachelor" moved onto New Zealand, where the women got settled in their suite at the Huka Lodge. The first date card quickly arrived for Andi, who was excited to finally go on her first one-on-one date. Meanwhile, Clare was disappointed she didn’t have the chance to work everything out with Juan Pablo and get rid of the dark cloud.

Cassandra confided in Renee about feeling bad for exploring the world without her son. They both agreed they had a lot more on the line, having children involved.

Juan Pablo and Andi took a boat ride and were instructed to get out in the middle of the river. The two slowly made their way in between rocks and followed a narrow path for what felt like forever, before they reached their destination: a waterfall. Later on, the couple shared dinner in front of a geyser. It seemed like a good idea until the geyser erupted and got both of them soaking wet, sending them fleeing for cover. The two stood and talked in the cold and the wind, and Juan Pablo offered Andi the rose, which she accepted.

Back at the hotel, the group date card arrived for Sharleen, Chelsie, Renee, Nikki, Kat, and Cassandra. (That left a “shocked” Clare for the second one-on-one date).

The next day, Juan Pablo started the group date off with a toast, as the whole gang sat on blankets for a picnic lunch. Chelsie was the first to steal Juan Pablo away before the whole group changed into swimsuits to go “zorbing” and roll down the hillside in large, inflatable balls with some water inside.

Juan Pablo and Renee went off and sat down on a bench, and Renee told Juan Pablo about her moment the night before with Cassandra. They kissed some more, and Renee was ready to keep kissing Juan Pablo for the rest of her life. Nikki told Juan Pablo she didn’t want to have any regrets. Juan Pablo barely spent any time talking to Sharleen before he went right to making out with her. She eventually pulled away to talk about how they were feeling, and she admitted she was questioning where she is because…all together now…this process is inorganic to her. Juan Pablo’s answer? “Make the best of it…” and in for more kissing.

Inside, the ladies celebrated Cassandra’s birthday, unbeknownst to Juan Pablo. When it came time for the two to talk outside, Juan Pablo was visibly rigid and uncomfortable as Cassandra babbled on about how happy she was to be there and what a genuine, great guy Juan Pablo is. He talked about the sacrifice in being there before they headed back inside for Juan Pablo to hand out the rose. Renee hoped Cassandra would receive the rose if she didn’t, but Juan Pablo instead gave it to Sharleen and asked Cassandra to talk. They went back outside, and Juan Pablo told Cassandra she was one of his “special ones.” He explained he had been thinking a lot, and it was hard for him because she is gorgeous, funny, and so nice, but he wished they were in the same chapter. He didn’t want her to wait two more days to see her son, and he needed to let her go. Cassandra told Juan Pablo she was excited to see her son and respected Juan Pablo for telling her, even though she was disappointed.

The rest of the ladies were surprised to see Juan Pablo come back inside alone, and he explained he’d sent Cassandra home from her son. He went on to say he just didn’t see a future with her and couldn’t keep her from her son another two days.

The next day, Clare and Juan Pablo met for their second one-on-one date, and Clare hoped to hear an apology from Juan Pablo. They sat down, and Juan Pablo told her he wanted to make sure she was comfortable and understood what he meant. Clare said she was hurt and upset because she would never do anything that would be weird or awkward for his daughter or other people. Clare asked about their boundaries, and Juan Pablo told her he never kisses, holds hands, or spends the night with a woman in front of his daughter. Clare wondered what they had done wrong, and Juan Pablo didn’t feel it was appropriate to go swimming and kiss in the ocean at 4:00 a.m.

It was time for more chatter later on, as the two shared dinner. Clare told Juan Pablo he came back and took things like a man to show that he cared. Just when it seemed Clare might go on talking forever, Juan Pablo told her he liked listening to her. He got up and brought a pair of sweatpants for Clare to change into, which he said were even more attractive than a Rose Ceremony dress. Juan Pablo then offered Clare the rose, which she accepted. He put on the Josh Krajcik song from their first date, and the two danced to it once again.

Chris Harrison sat down for a chat with Juan Pablo, and Juan Pablo said he was looking for the quality of the conversation and how honest the women are. He felt positive and happy, but he also knew it would be tough.

During the Cocktail Party, Nikki and Juan Pablo stepped aside, and Nikki told him how nice he looked, so Juan Pablo told her he was wearing pink underwear. Nikki shared that she liked Juan Pablo because she feels comfortable and excited with him. She added that she has a good sense of who she is and what she wants out of her life. Then, it was more kissing. Renee said it was nerve-wracking to be the only single mom left. She told Juan Pablo Cassandra’s departure hit closer to home, but she had been able to talk to her son. Chelsie admitted her last relationship went on for a year before she laid out what she wanted for the guy she was dating, but now she knows what she wants. Juan Pablo brought up their amazing one-on-one date and told her she was there for a reason. Kat revealed she had been journaling since they got there. She talked about her dad not being present in her life and how the fear of disappointment was causing things between them to move slowly.

Finally, the Rose Ceremony began. Andi, Sharleen, and Clare each received roses on the dates, and Juan Pablo offered the remaining roses to Nikki, Renee, and Chelsie. That left Kat as the one leaving, so she quickly said her good-byes, and Juan Pablo walked her out. Sharleen felt confused about being there, and although she was happy to be there, she felt wrong and guilty. She told the camera she was going to give it one more week, and if she wasn’t feeling any differently, she was going to go home.

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