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'The Bachelor 18': Week 5 recap

Juan Pablo Galavis, the Bachelor
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Tonight, Feb. 3, The Bachelor took Juan Pablo and the remaining 11 women from South Korea to Vietnam. The ladies explored their room at the Intercontinental before the date card arrived for a very excited Renee.

Renee hoped for a kiss at the end of her date as she went to meet Juan Pablo in town. They made their way around in a bicycle cab before stopping at a dress store for Renee to get measured for a custom-made dress. Since she was sweating buckets, Juan Pablo ran across the street to fetch a fan. They left the store and picked out gifts for their children.

The couple changed for dinner (Renee wore her brand new, custom-made dress), and they ate at a restaurant surrounded by paper lanterns and candlelight. Renee and Juan Pablo bonded over their children and enjoyed each other’s company before Juan Pablo offered Renee the rose. After dinner, the couple went for a walk and set paper lanterns afloat in the water. And, out of respect for Renee’s son…still no kiss.

The group date card arrived for Sharleen, Chelsie, Kat, Cassandra, Claire, Kelly, Alli, Danielle, and Andi, leaving Nikki for the one-on-one date. Andi wondered why she was still there if she was only going on group dates.

In the morning, the ladies met Juan Pablo out along the water and hopped into small bamboo boats to float around in. Clare didn’t have a partner, so she shared Juan Pablo’s boat, and the two kissed when they thought no one was looking, but everyone saw. (Drama). The group wandered along after their boat rides, and Juan Pablo asked a man standing by the side of the road if he had food they could eat. Conveniently, the man had an entire field of produce behind the house. (What luck!) As everyone picked food for lunch, Andi checked in with Juan Pablo to let him know her frustration, but he quickly comforted her, and that was enough to soothe her. Everyone went back in and ate lunch.

Later that night, the group changed for the usual dinner and drinks. Juan Pablo immediately took Clare away, and the two ended up at his suite, swimming in the pool. The other ladies started to feel like they were on a date with Juan Pablo and Clare, instead of a group date. Sharleen and Juan Pablo spent their time down on the beach talking, and Sharleen hoped Juan Pablo would see her as a “panda in a room full of brown bears.” Juan Pablo also took Andi down to the beach and made out with her before offering Clare the rose. (Shocker).

Clare didn’t want the night to end, so at 4 a.m., she told the ladies she was going to bed and made her way back to Juan Pablo’s suite to ask him to swim in the “warm ocean” with her. “We just went for it, and I don’t regret it,” Clare told the camera. (Did they only swim?)

The next day, Nikki was excited to get out of the house for her date with Juan Pablo. As they walked, Juan Pablo told Nikki they were going to be rappelling down the side of a cliff in order to get to the cave below. Nikki was not excited and asked if someone could call her mom to tell her she loved her before she said, “I either live…or I die…or I poop my pants.” Juan Pablo went first and coaxed Nikki along until she finally got moving alongside him. They stopped at a ledge, and all it took was a kiss from Juan Pablo to get Nikki moving again. (This guy is powerful).

They survived and changed for dinner, which was largely spent discussing Nikki’s work as a pediatric nurse and what lead her to that point. Juan Pablo offered Nikki the rose and thanked her for opening up to him.

Juan Pablo told the women he was sending three of them home the moment the Cocktail Party started and then wondered why everyone was so quiet. He and Andi wandered off together, and Juan Pablo started to struggle as he tried to think about the decision he had to make. Renee finally got her first kiss. (Maybe now she can stop talking about it). Clare told Juan Pablo no one knew she snuck out the other night, and Juan Pablo told her it was a little weird for him because he was still getting to know everyone, but “what happened happened already.” Juan Pablo said he was trying to be as fair as possible, but Clare didn’t think it was about fair. Juan Pablo didn’t want his daughter to see what happened between them the other night, and Clare burst into tears and wouldn’t look at him. She said it wasn’t her intention to disrespect his daughter. Clare told the camera it had been a mutual feeling in the ocean, and it was confusing.

Clare was somber upon her return from her chat with Juan Pablo and started crying in the bathroom before ending up outside by herself. Juan Pablo went to comfort her, and she told him she was just having a moment. When Clare returned to the group, she made a lame joke about her allergies being bad, but everyone could tell she had been crying.

Chris Harrison interrupted the awkwardness to start the Rose Ceremony. Juan Pablo had given Renee, Clare, and Nikki roses on their dates throughout the week, so that left him with five roses to give out. He told everyone it would be very hard to say good-bye and offered roses to Sharleen, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat, and Andi, leaving Kelly, Danielle, and Alli as the three heading home. The ladies said their good-byes as Juan Pablo stood there and cried.

What do you think of this season of The Bachelor? Are you rooting for any of the ladies? What do you think Juan Pablo and Clare did in the ocean? Leave a comment below!

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