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'The Bachelor 18': Week 4 recap

Juan Pablo Galavis, the new Bachelor
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Tonight, Jan. 27, The Bachelor went on the road to Seoul, South Korea. The 13 women were all very excited and screamed as soon as Chris Harrison told them where they were headed. He gave them an hour to pack, and off they went.

The women arrived at their hotel and got settled in before reading the first date card, which was for Chelsie, Cassandra, Elise, Danielle, Kat, and Nikki.

The next day, Juan Pablo met the ladies for the group date and joined 21, a very popular singing group in Korea. Everyone showed off their dancing abilities (or lack thereof) before 21 taught them their dance moves. Kat was pretty excited because she had been dancing since “before she could walk,” but Nikki struggled, since she hates dancing. Then, 21 invited the ladies to perform on stage with them later that night, during their show.

The ladies changed and had their make-up and hair done, while Juan Pablo changed into a pair of bright red pants and a bulky black leather jacket. Everyone headed on stage at the mall and danced behind 21 – Kat got really into it to show off her dance skills, as expected.

After their K-Pop dancing excursion, Juan Pablo and the women headed off to the evening portion of the date. Juan Pablo and Kat sat down to chat first, and Nikki wasted no time in telling the other girls she felt Kat was fake and acted differently in front of the cameras. Meanwhile, Kat told Juan Pablo her dad was a severe alcoholic, and her parents divorced because of it. In their time alone on camera, many of the women started to talk about Nikki’s negativity. Elise alluded to some girls not being there for the right reasons, and Juan Pablo assured her he was keeping his eyes open. Nikki admitted that she was out of her element during their dancing before telling Juan Pablo she was ready to become a mom and works around kids all the time. Juan Pablo pulled Nikki away and offered her the rose, which upset the rest of the ladies.

Back at the hotel, the one-on-one date card arrived for Sharleen. Juan Pablo picked her up for their date the next morning, and the two made their way through the market together before heading to a traditional tea house. They talked about Sharleen’s career and degrees in music, as she gave him English lessons after she used words he didn’t understand.

Later that night, Juan Pablo convinced Sharleen to sing for him – she was very hesitant and said she never sings this early in a relationship, but she sang for him, anyway. Over dinner, the two continued getting to know each other, and Juan Pablo couldn’t believe how much they had in common. (What?) Juan Pablo really pried to find out how many children Sharleen wanted, and she never really answered the question. She explained she had always been career-focused and had once dated a guy with a four-year-old daughter, but she could never get over the fact that the child came first. (Before her). Juan Pablo either heard wrong or chose to ignore everything and offered Sharleen the rose anyway, thanking her for her honesty.

The remaining six ladies met Juan Pablo for a “crazy day in Korea” the next day. Their first stop was a dollhouse-like karaoke place, followed by a paddleboat ride out in the water. The group then went and got “fish pedicures,” where they all removed their shoes and stuck their feet in water so tiny, little fish could eat the dead skin off their feet. Everyone tried octopus…except Clare, who said she didn’t do weird food and caused a scene until Juan Pablo literally had to feed it to her.

During the evening portion of the date, Juan Pablo pulled Renee away first. Once again, Renee had to talk about kissing and asked how Camila would feel if she saw her kissing Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo suddenly wanted to step back and stop kissing women and didn’t want to kiss anyone the whole night. Needless to say, Renee did not get her first kiss. Andi and Juan Pablo decided to get to know each other better by talking. Lauren also asked for a kiss while she and Juan Pablo awkwardly danced, but he shut her down, too, reminding her that he has a daughter and doesn’t want her to see him kissing all these women. (Does she watch The Bachelor?) That left Lauren in tears, so Juan Pablo gave her a long hug. In her time alone with Juan Pablo, Clare claimed she threw up in her mouth while eating the octopus, but she “swallowed it back down.” They also talked about not kissing in order to get to know each other better…which went well for about two minutes. Back with the rest of the group, Juan Pablo offered Andi the rose.

The Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony were held at a palace. Juan Pablo quickly took Kelly aside, and the women with roses agreed to be respectful of those without roses, to allow them to have time with Juan Pablo. That also lasted all of two minutes, and Nikki sauntered off and interrupted Clare’s time with Juan Pablo. Amidst Juan Pablo’s ramblings was a comment about how it was a good group and he hadn’t heard about any problems in the house. Nikki immediately assumed that meant Clare had said something about her to Juan Pablo. Conveniently, Nikki and Clare sandwiched Kelly in between them on a bench, and Kelly told Clare she felt awkward because of what Nikki had told her. Clare said she hadn’t said anything, but Nikki acted one way with the girls and another way with Juan Pablo.

Chris Harrison stepped in to announce it was time for the Rose Ceremony. Nikki, Sharleen, and Andi already had roses from their dates. Juan Pablo then offered roses to Renee, Chelsie, Kelly, Danielle, Cassandra, Alli, Clare and Kat. That meant it was a very long, 12-hour plane ride home for Elise and Lauren, who did not receive roses.

What do you think of this season of The Bachelor? Are you rooting for any of the ladies? Leave a comment below!

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