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'The Bachelor 18': 'The Women Tell All' recap

Chris Harrison, Host of 'The Bachelor'.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Tonight, March 3, the women of “The Bachelor” returned for tonight’s “The Women Tell All” reunion special. Before they brought everyone out, Chris Harrison checked in with newlyweds Sean and Catherine. Sean said they watched their televised wedding as soon as they got home from their honeymoon. Chris asked about their wedding night – Catherine said it was romantic, and Sean said there were fireworks, so Catherine joked that they were quick fireworks. Sean added that they went swimming with sharks and sting rays on their honeymoon, and they planned to start trying to have children within the next 12 months.

After a short segment with Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, Chris welcomed Lauren H., Kylie, Danielle, Elise, Alli, Victoria, Chantel, Christy, Lauren S., Lucy, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat, Kelly (and Molly), Sharleen, Renee, and Andi. He asked about the first night, and Renee said she didn’t remember a thing because she was insanely nervous. Kat added that Juan Pablo was really attractive in person, and Kelly was worried when her dog, Molly, didn’t like Juan Pablo.

Chris Harrison wondered why Juan Pablo being attractive wasn’t enough, and Andi said looks can fade, and you need more than that. Danielle felt the conversation was surface level and never expanded. Renee spoke up and said her experiences were different, because a lot of conversations they had were about their kids. Cassandra also felt like all they talked about were their kids. Kat chimed in and said she tried to take things deeper, and Alli mentioned him asking the same questions on more than one occasion. Kelly wondered if some of this was sour grapes over not being chosen. Kat said in the moment, it was confusing, because Juan Pablo kept saying he was trying to be fair, and Kelly thought he used his daughter as an excuse. Cassandra thought it was confusing because she had a one-on-one date with a lot of kissing, but then he told Renee he didn’t want to kiss her because she had a child. Kelly didn’t feel he was being honest. Andi and Kat shared a room with Clare in Vietnam and had no idea she snuck out for a midnight swim with Juan Pablo. (No one thought Juan Pablo handled that situation well). Sharleen compared it to buyer’s remorse and said he didn’t man up when he should have. Andi added that he willingly participated and was clearly attracted to Clare.

Chris brought Sharleen down to the hot seat first. He told Sharleen she was the most intriguing person they ever had, and she explained she was honest the entire time. Sharleen said she left because Juan Pablo ultimately wasn’t the one for her, and they didn’t get each other completely. She thought they had a physical connection and was maybe trying to piece everything else together. Chris asked if Sharleen was surprised she had been one of the top ones throughout the process, which she was. The other girls were not surprised and said Juan Pablo was obvious about who he liked. Sharleen admitted she regretted some things she said, but she didn’t regret leaving.

Renee was up next and immediately told Chris Harrison she felt the chemistry was there for them. Watching her footage back was hard – she said she wouldn’t have done anything differently. Renee didn’t think telling Juan Pablo her feelings would have changed anything because their relationship was so far behind the others. Chris asked if she had been dating since the show ended, which she shyly said she had been and was in a situation where she was very happy.

The last lady to take the hot seat with Chris was Andi. He asked what she was falling in love with, and she told him that Juan Pablo was attractive, and she loved spending time with him. Andi explained that things in the fantasy suite started out fine, and it was nice to be away from the cameras, but everything became about Juan Pablo’s soccer, travelling, and there was a lot of negativity. She commented that he said she had just barely made it that far, and she was mentally done when he told her he’d already had an overnight date with Clare. Andi also repeated that Juan Pablo kept telling her everything was “okay.” Now, she still is ready to find great love. (Potentially as the new Bachelorette?)

Finally, it was time for Juan Pablo to come out and face the wrath of the women. He sat down with Chris and said it was nice to see everyone again. Chris asked if Juan Pablo would change anything or say anything differently after watching, and he said he wouldn’t – he had been honest since day one. Lauren S. said she wished Juan Pablo would have been honest instead of bringing up Camila. He said he didn’t come on the show to kiss 27 women, and if he felt it was the right time to kiss someone, he did. With Renee, Juan Pablo said he thought he needed to take his time because of her last break-up hurting her son. Cassandra felt if Juan Pablo really had cared about Renee’s son, he wouldn’t have gone to her hometown and met him and then sent her home. Chantel commented on Juan Pablo referring to Renee and Cassandra as the “special ones,” which he defended because they left children behind, even though Chantel pointed out they’d all left important things at home.

Andi didn’t feel the conversations showed Juan Pablo was looking for a wife. Juan Pablo said he wouldn’t have wasted his time spending a couple months to find out whether or not they could have a good time. Sharleen admitted she felt differently than most and like they had gotten to know each other. Juan Pablo said he took everything very seriously, and Lucy spoke up and said they wanted to be treated equally. Kelly questioned Juan Pablo saying gays are “more pervert” in an interview, since she has a gay parent. Juan Pablo said he would talk to Kelly about that later, and Kelly started to cry. Victoria told Juan Pablo to stop using the language barrier as an excuse, and he said he has no problem with gay people – he loves gay people, and they were born that way. Sharleen defended Juan Pablo again and said something might sound completely different when pulled out, rather than if it had been book-ended.

To lighten the mood, they played the blooper reel, and Chris thanked Juan Pablo for facing everyone.

The ladies weighed in on Clare and Nikki and were pretty split down the middle on which woman they were rooting for. They showed a sneak peek of next week’s dramatic, tearful finale, and that was a wrap!

What did you think of tonight’s “The Women Tell All” special? Who do you think Juan Pablo will end up with? Leave a comment below!

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