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'The Bachelor 18': Premiere recap

Tonight, Jan. 6, The Bachelor officially kicked off Season 18 with the second part of its two-night premiere. The show began with another brief look at Juan Pablo’s life, his family, his daughter, and his career.

Juan Pablo Galavis, the new Bachelor
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Juan Pablo sat down with Sean Lowe, former Bachelor, to get his advice. Sean asked Juan Pablo about his plans for kissing and admitted he kissed a lot of girls because he needed to in the moment. Sean warned him not to kiss any girls in front of the others and added that he had strong feelings for multiple women, but Juan Pablo should trust his gut.

They showed brief clips of some of the ladies back in their hometowns:

  • Chelsie: 24-year-old from Columbus, OH who learned Spanish to impress Juan Pablo
  • Renee: 32, from FL, has 8-year-old son
  • Andi: Prosecutor from GA
  • Amy J.: 31-year-old massage therapist from CA
  • Nikki: pediatric nurse from MO
  • Lauren H.: 25-year old from OK trying to get over an abrupt end to her recent engagement
  • Valerie: 26-year-old personal trainer from CA
  • Lacy: comes from a family of 13 – nine members have special needs
  • Clare: 32-year-old from CA who lost her dad to brain cancer – he made a DVD for her future husband that she has never watched

Finally, it was time for Juan Pablo to meet the ladies. Chris told him there would actually be 27 women this season, instead of the standard 25. (Whew. A whole two extra!)

Amy L. was first out of the limo and told Juan Pablo the sun could not set fast enough and she had been looking forward to this. Cassandra echoed Amy’s sentiments and said the night took so long to get there, paused awkwardly, and headed inside. Christy was glad it was Juan Pablo and wouldn’t have been there if it were anyone else. Christine gave Juan Pablo a gift for his daughter, Camila. (It was a beaded bracelet with her name on it). Nikki asked Juan Pablo to use a stethoscope to listen to her heartbeat.

There was a lot of screaming from the second limo before Kat stepped out and told Juan Pablo she is a dancer, but she has never learned to Salsa – he even taught her a couple a moves right out there on the driveway. Chantel made sure she could correctly pronounce Juan Pablo’s name. Victoria told Juan Pablo she is from Brazil, and the two agreed to teach each other Spanish and Portuguese. Lucy, the “free spirit,” didn’t wear shoes because she didn’t want to be too tall. Danielle is also a pediatric nurse and alluded to a present for Juan Pablo inside.

Lauren S. came rolling up the driveway playing a piano and played a short song for Juan Pablo when she arrived. (Juan Pablo ran inside to ask her name since she left that out).

Chelsie is a science teacher, so she busted out her safety goggles and a test tube for a science experiment before throwing everything over her shoulder, into the bushes, and suggesting they just have chemistry. (Clever). Valerie wore Cowgirl boots to make sure Juan Pablo got a little piece of her. Elise told Juan Pablo they have so many things in common, but didn’t say what. Ashley is also a teacher and gave Juan Pablo a gold star sticker for trying to do the right thing. The last person out of the limo was Clare, who faked a baby bump to apparently show she was ready for a family.

Alli wore tennis shoes and kicked a soccer ball over to Juan Pablo. Amy J. also said she was there on the show because Juan Pablo was there. Renee immediately told Juan Pablo she is a single mother. Lauren H. couldn’t wait to learn more about Juan Pablo. Maggie brought Juan Pablo a fishing hook because she enjoys fishing with her family and hoped he would be her big catch. Kelly sent her dog out of the limo first.

Lacy handed Juan Pablo a prescription bottle of Red Hot candies. Alexis and Kylie didn’t have much to say as they headed in. Sharleen is an opera singer from Canada who flew in from Germany, where she had been working. Andi was last out of the limo and talked quite a bit about her nervousness.

Juan Pablo headed inside and thanked the women for taking the time to be there before busting out music for everyone to dance. He sat outside with Nikki, and the two talked about her job as a pediatric nurse. Renee told Juan Pablo she got married very young because she was pregnant. Lucy plopped her bare feet on Juan Pablo’s lap and said she is just a drifter, and true hippies don’t wear shoes. Amy J. brought Juan Pablo back out to the driveway to give him a massage.

Juan Pablo continued to struggle with names as he spent time with Chelsie in the photo booth and talked to Elise about her mom’s passing just over a year ago. Girls started to worry they wouldn’t get their time with Juan Pablo before the Rose Ceremony began and realized they needed to be aggressive in order to get their time in. Lauren H. quickly lost it and started crying as she felt old emotions from her last relationship coming back. Ashley tried to calm her down before Lauren situated herself alone on a couch and finally got time to talk to Juan Pablo. She told him the night was bringing up insecurities and immediately word vomited all over Juan Pablo about her last relationship. Juan Pablo was surprised to learn Andi was a lawyer and complimented Sharleen a second time on her dress. The two talked a bit about her time in Germany, and he went to fetch the First Impression Rose, which she hesitated to accept. It was clear she was not very excited about the rose and kept her head down for the rest of the night.

Chris Harrison interrupted the party, and Juan Pablo again thanked everyone for being there before handing out roses. He offered roses to Clare, Nikki, Renee, Andi, Alli, Chantel, Lauren S., Kelly (and her dog), Cassandra, Danielle, Chelsie, Kat (except Kylie walked forward by mistake), Victoria, Christy, Lucy, Elise, and Amy L.

The ladies all said their good-byes and headed out, with plenty of tears from Amy J. and Lauren H. over their departures..

Are you excited to watch the new season of The Bachelor? What do you think of Juan Pablo? Leave a comment below!

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