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'The Bachelor 18': Overnight dates recap

Juan Pablo Galavis, the Bachelor
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Tonight, Feb. 25, “The Bachelor” moved along to Saint Lucia for the overnight dates. Clare’s date was up first, and she met Juan Pablo down by the water, where they ended up at a yacht. They talked about Clare’s rude sister and her awkward behavior. Then, it was back into the ocean for a swim.

Over dinner, Clare wanted to talk about what it would be like to be a part of Juan Pablo and his daughter, Camila’s, lives. When the overnight date card arrived, Clare referenced Juan Pablo wanting to take his daughter into consideration, and Clare said if it mattered to him, it mattered to her. Eventually, Clare said she wanted to spend more time with Juan Pablo, as long as they were on the same page. In the suite, Clare put on her best pouty face and told Juan Pablo that was loving falling in love with him. The two then moved over to the hot tub.

Next up was Andi, who met Juan Pablo down in the village. They walked, joined a band and played the drums, and tried some food. As they ate, they sat at a table with some kids who liked to play soccer, so they played a game on the beach. After that, Andi and Juan Pablo hopped into a land buggy and drove to a waterfall for a swim.

At dinner, Juan Pablo said he was concerned about something Andi said in Atlanta – she had said she badly wanted to fall in love, and he didn’t want anything to be forced, since it would end up badly. Andi told him wanting something badly was different to her than forcing something, and she probably overthought things a bit. Andi was glad Juan Pablo asked, since it meant he was really listening to what she had to say. As expected, they decided to stay overnight in the fantasy suite.

During her “in-the-moment” to the camera the next day, Andi revealed she couldn’t wait to get out of the fantasy suite that morning, because she saw a side to Juan Pablo she hadn’t wanted to see…just after Juan Pablo talked about how great things went with Andi. Andi realized Juan Pablo was always talking about himself and telling his own stories and never asked anything about her – she didn’t think he cared about her. She also revealed he had told her he had an overnight date with Clare, which she found completely inappropriate.

They cut over to Nikki and Juan Pablo horseback riding on their date, with Nikki in a “shirt” that resembled about one quarter of a grass skirt and barely covered anything. As they rode along, Nikki commented that it was good she wore pants, and Juan Pablo joked that she could have worn a thong, and he would have ridden behind her. (Somehow, she found that charming). She told the camera she thought he was a great person and could be a great person for her. They talked on the beach before heading into the ocean, and Nikki hoped she would have the courage to tell Juan Pablo she loved him over dinner.

Juan Pablo commented that Nikki had been doing a lot of thinking as they ate dinner. They decided to stay in the fantasy suite, and Nikki told Juan Pablo being there meant a lot to her. She added she wouldn’t be there if she wasn’t feeling the way she was before telling him she loved him.

The next day, Chris Harrison sat down and talked to Juan Pablo. He asked how Juan Pablo was feeling, and he said, “Very, very good.” He said he felt one of the women could be a “good prospect” in his life. Chris left Juan Pablo to watch videos from the final three ladies – Nikki talked about how far they had come and meeting his family, Clare said she had fallen in love and couldn’t wait to see where things go, and Andi explained she had a lot of thoughts and emotions after the fantasy suite and wanted to share them in person.

Andi went to talk to Juan Pablo and told him she came there to find love and had great times with Juan Pablo where she felt things she never felt before. She added she had a lot of thoughts running through her mind after the fantasy suite, and she woke up and realized she wasn’t in love with Juan Pablo and wasn’t going to be. He told her it was okay, and he respected her. She said it shouldn’t just be okay – she put herself out there, but he said there was nothing he could do to force her to like him. Juan Pablo said English is his second language, and he didn’t mean it was okay. He continued to say he liked her since week two, but Andi felt Juan Pablo didn’t know anything about her. Andi kept pressing and wondered how he thought their talk in the fantasy suite went. Juan Pablo thought it went well, and they talked about a lot. Andi asked if Juan Pablo thought it was okay to tell her he had an overnight date with Clare, to which he replied he was just being honest, and she knew there were three overnight dates. Andi explained she knew but didn’t need to be told that. She also commented on being told she was there by default, which Juan Pablo swore he hadn’t said, because it isn’t a word in his vocabulary. Andi asked if Juan Pablo knew her religion, political views, views on social issues, or how she wanted to raise her kids…which he knew none of, yet she knew he was Catholic. Andi told Juan Pablo that saying everything was okay all the time was annoying, and he tried to smooth talk things a bit more before picking away at something on her eyebrow as she tried to brush him off. Finally, they hugged, and Andi left.

Juan Pablo tried to explain to the camera that if Andi would have come to him and talked about her feelings, that may have changed things, but because she argued, he didn’t want to argue with a lawyer. In the car as she left, Andi said Juan Pablo just didn’t get it, and it wasn’t the language barrier.

Chris Harrison greeted Nikki and Clare and told them Andi was no longer there, and something had happened that they needed to know about. Juan Pablo stepped in and told them Andi wasn’t having strong feelings for him and wanted to go home. It hurt him, but there was nothing he could do about it. He told Nikki and Clare to let him know if they had any questions or felt he wasn’t the one for them. Juan Pablo then offered roses to each of them, which both accepted.

What did you think of the overnight dates? Were you surprised to see Andi leave on her own accord tonight? Who do you want Juan Pablo to end up with? Leave a comment below!

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