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'The Bachelor 18': Hometown dates recap

Juan Pablo made the rounds during the hometown visits tonight, Feb. 24, on “The Bachelor.” His first stop was in Kansas City, Mo., Nikki’s hometown. The couple walked around town before ending up at Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue for some lunch, which Juan Pablo thoroughly enjoyed. Afterward, they went to a bar for some mechanical bull riding.

Juan Pablo, the Bachelor.
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images
Juan Pablo Galavis, the Bachelor
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Nikki brought Juan Pablo over to her parents’ house, where he met her dad, her mom, her two younger brothers, and her sister-in-law. The family sat down for dinner and toasted, and Nikki took her mom aside to talk. She told her she was in love with Juan Pablo, and they had a physical and mental connection. Her mom wondered if she meant it before telling her she wanted her to be happy and would support her. Meanwhile, Nikki’s dad took Juan Pablo aside and asked what he saw in Nikki – he said her honesty, and it just felt right. Her dad didn’t want Juan Pablo to propose if he didn’t feel it. Both guys agreed they trusted Nikki to make the decision. They switched, and Nikki talked to her dad about the idea of becoming a mother. She felt she had a great example of parents, was shown a lot of love growing up, and has a lot of love to give. As Juan Pablo left, Nikki told him she was thinking all good things and nothing bad, but she still didn’t tell him she loved him.

Next up was Andi, in her hometown of Atlanta. She took Juan Pablo to a shooting range, where it took him much longer to hit a bull’s-eye than it took Andi. When they finished, they went over to Andi’s parents’ house, where Juan Pablo met her mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law. They sat down and started talking about all of their dates and how long it took for Andi to get a one-on-one date. Over dinner, Andi’s parents said they had been together for 30 years and got engaged six months after they started dating.

Andi’s mom pulled Juan Pablo aside and asked what he found special about Andi. He said she is beautiful, smart, and has a quick mind. She wanted to see Juan Pablo dance, so we went and got Andi to show what they had learned…which gave Andi another chance to demonstrate her terrible dance skills. Things weren’t as light-hearted when Juan Pablo sat down with Andi’s dad – he asked Juan Pablo why he wanted to go on the show, and Juan Pablo wondered what Andi’s dad would think if he proposed or if he would accept him and Camila into the family. Her dad asked Juan Pablo to reverse the roles, and he went on to say that he wouldn’t answer him because he was dating three other people, and he wanted Juan Pablo to come to him and tell him she was the only one. Andi asked her sister if she saw her with Juan Pablo, and she said she didn’t know. She hadn’t gotten that feeling. Andi’s dad told her he was concerned she would get hurt, and she said she and Juan Pablo get along really well and have fun together. Her dad wondered what would happen if Juan Pablo didn’t choose Andi, so she told him she would deal with that then. Despite everything, Andi felt something she hadn’t felt before and was very close to being in love with Juan Pablo.

Renee was so excited to be back home in Florida that she said she was ready to eat her son. (Calm down, Renee). She and Juan Pablo lounged at a little league field before Renee was finally reunited with Ben. (No eating involved). They watched Ben play baseball before Juan Pablo met Renee’s mom, dad, and brother. While Renee tucked Ben in, Juan Pablo told Renee’s brother he liked Renee because she knew exactly what she wanted. Juan Pablo told Renee’s mom Renee was a great woman, and he wouldn’t be sitting there if he didn’t feel the two had chemistry. Renee told her mom she was happy and totally, madly, crazy in love with Juan Pablo. Renee’s dad told her he could tell Juan Pablo was a great guy. As Juan Pablo left, Renee told him she wouldn’t have brought him to meet her family and Ben if she didn’t feel the way she felt. Just like Nikki, Renee couldn’t tell Juan Pablo she loved him.

The last hometown date was Clare’s, in Sacramento. They walked through a rose garden and sat down on a bench to chat. Clare talked about her dad, since this was the first time she was bringing a guy home since her dad passed away.

Juan Pablo then met Clare’s mom, four of her sisters, and her brother-in-law. Over dinner, they talked about the dates Clare and Juan Pablo had gone on, and Clare talked to her sister, Madeline, alone. Madeline wondered what would happen if Juan Pablo proposed, and Clare said she would accept. Clare sat down with her mom and sister, Lara, and Lara kept saying things about their mom being traditional – Clare was frustrated, because she wanted to hear what her mom had to say for herself. Clare wanted them to trust and believe. Her sister got up and awkwardly stood to the side to supervise the conversation Clare had with their mom. Juan Pablo wanted to talk to Clare’s mom, and her pushy sister Lara plopped herself down with them, even though Clare didn’t want her to. Eventually, Lara left, and Clare’s mom told Juan Pablo they would be very happy to have him in their family, and the two hugged.

Chris Harrison ushered in each of the final four ladies – of course, Nikki and Clare were placed next to each other and forced to stand alone before Andi and Renee arrived. Juan Pablo finally joined them and told them he felt privileged to have four amazing women in front of him and appreciated them opening their houses to him. He then offered roses to Nikki, Clare, and Andi, leaving Renee to finally go back home to her son. As Renee said her good-byes, Juan Pablo stood and cried and eventually walked her out.

Don’t forget to watch the overnight dates tomorrow, on a special night at 8:00 p.m. EST/7:00 p.m. CST!

What did you think of the hometown dates? Were you surprised to see Renee sent home tonight? Who do you want Juan Pablo to end up with? Leave a comment below!

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