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'The Bachelor 18': Finale recap

Juan Pablo Galavis, the Bachelor
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This season of “The Bachelor” came to an end during the finale tonight, March 10. Juan Pablo spent some time with his family in Saint Lucia before Clare arrived to meet everyone. Clare told Juan Pablo’s family that her mom is Mexican and she couldn’t wait to have children.

Juan Pablo’s mother sat down alone with Clare and asked her if she felt love, which she did. Clare thought Juan Pablo got her, but she wondered if there was anything she needed to know. His mother told Clare he is hyperactive before asking about their communication. Clare told his mom about their disagreement and how he made her cry, and his mom told her, “Me too.” Juan Pablo’s cousin wanted to know if Clare was in love and said that Juan Pablo sometimes walks away when things get rough. Clare said she “1000 percent” confident in her love, and if Juan Pablo would propose, it would be the happiest day of her life.

Juan Pablo then spoke to his cousin, and they both agreed how ready Clare was to get married and have children. Meanwhile, Clare was chatting with Juan Pablo’s father, who told her his doors were open for her to be in their family. He was ready to love her sons and daughters, and Clare could tell he was a true gentleman. Clare said good-bye to Juan Pablo and told the camera she could see herself “1000 percent” a part of Juan Pablo’s life forever. (Clare missed the memo you can only have 100 percent of something).

Next up, it was Nikki’s turn to meet Juan Pablo’s family. Nikki talked about where they had traveled before sitting down with Juan Pablo’s dad. He asked how Nikki felt about Juan Pablo being a single father – she felt Camila made Juan Pablo the man he is today and wanted to have a relationship with Camila herself. Nikki told Juan Pablo’s mom how amazing it had been to see him interact with Camila and how full of love he is. Nikki asked if Juan Pablo’s mom thought he was ready for this, and she replied, “I think so.” (Is that a good sign?) Nikki told Juan Pablo’s cousin she was in love with him, and he wondered how much fighting Nikki could take. Again, he asked how Nikki would deal with Juan Pablo walking away if things got rough. Nikki thought a relationship without fighting has no passion, and she felt they would fight well.

Back in the studio, Chris Harrison checked in with the audience members, as well as some “Bachelor” contestants and couples – everyone had mixed reactions and weren’t sure how everything would turn out.

Juan Pablo was still feeling confused on what decision he would make as he met Clare for a helicopter ride. As they landed, Juan Pablo whispered something to Clare when the cameras and audio weren’t on that really upset her. She was very vague about what he said, but she went on and on about how it was something sexual and that he didn’t know her well.

That night, Clare still wouldn’t repeat what Juan Pablo said, but she commented that he told her he liked hooking up with her. He came to her hotel room, and Clare asked him to talk, even though he was asking for a kiss. She asked about their conversation in the helicopter – she reminded him he could have said anything in the world and wondered why he chose to say that. He didn’t remember and went on to say that it wasn’t that they didn’t know each other well, but they didn’t know each other enough. (Big difference…) Clare said she wanted so much more than just a physical connection, and Juan Pablo told her what he knows, he likes, but there could be parts of her he doesn’t like. They continued to talk, and Juan Pablo just dug a hole even deeper by making things awkward and trying to joke. He tried to explain things about her that he liked and said if he didn’t like her, she would be gone. Clare wondered if Juan Pablo knew enough about her to make a decision, and he babbled on about Camila and his family and how hard the decision would be. Clare stopped him to tell him that was what she wanted to hear. Somehow, that was enough for her to know they had more than a physical connection, and she felt Juan Pablo really wanted her there. And then, on cue, their favorite Josh Krajcik theme song started playing.

Chris Harrison went to Sharleen, who thought it was painful to watch, and she didn’t feel Juan Pablo really gave specifics on why he liked Clare. (Sean Lowe agreed).

Nikki and Juan Pablo went out on a boat and talked about Nikki’s time with Juan Pablo’s family and continually talked about how pretty everything was. They laid on the beach, and Nikki asked Juan Pablo what he would do when he didn’t have private islands anymore. He told her he has a bed, a TV, and “his office” to watch baseball games.

That night in Nikki’s hotel room, she felt scared that the end was there. Juan Pablo’s words of wisdom were “It is what it is,” and “It’s been great,” and plenty of awkward silence ensued. Nikki tried to say she was nervous, but Juan Pablo reminded her he was the nervous one and that it would all be okay. Nikki gave him a framed photo of the two of them, along with a card and long message. After Juan Pablo left, Nikki fought back tears.

The next day, both girls were excited and ready to get engaged as they made their way to meet Juan Pablo. But, it was Clare who arrived first (by boat), and Chris escorted her to see Juan Pablo. Clare launched into a speech about how she wanted to be there the whole time, even though there were times she wanted to bolt, times when she was scared, and times when she questioned things, but she was standing there because they had something special. Juan Pablo said they had their ups and downs, but they communicated and talked to fix things. He told her she is an unbelievable and an amazing woman. He said he appreciated her being there and trusting him all along, but he needed to follow what he thought was best and say good-bye. As Juan Pablo tried to hug Clare, she put up her hands to stop him. She was frustrated that Juan Pablo said he could see himself in Sacramento and could see them having babies together. She was angry that he had every opportunity to tell her his feelings, just as Sharleen and Andi had told him, but she lost respect for him and would never want her children to have a father like him. After she said her piece, she walked out. As Chris escorted Clare out, Juan Pablo remarked, “Whew, I’m glad I didn’t pick her.” (What?!)

Nikki finally arrived and thanked Juan Pablo for everything before telling him she wanted to be a part of his life, and she wanted him to be a part of hers. She added that she had waited a long time for this and loved him, and he told her he loved her honesty and could see her as a good step mom for Camila. Juan Pablo said it had been perfect every time they were together. He went on to say he was really thinking about what her dad said about being 100 percent sure he wanted to propose. Juan Pablo said he wasn’t 100 percent sure he wanted to propose to her, but he didn’t want to let her go either, because he likes her a lot. He asked if she would accept his final rose, which she did, and they kissed.

What did you think of tonight’s finale? Were you surprised to see how things ended? Leave a comment below!

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