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'The Bachelor 18': 'Countdown to Juan Pablo' recap

Tonight, Jan. 5, The Bachelor kicked off Season 18 with the first part of its two-night premiere. The ‘Countdown to Juan Pablo’ special took a behind-the-scenes look at casting, the ladies of this season, and Juan Pablo’s personal life.

Juan Pablo Galavis, the new Bachelor
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Chris Harrison and plenty of producers all went out on the same day to surprise the contestants and tell them they were going to be on the show. Chris told Lucinda and Elise and received plenty of huge from each, while producers set out to tell Christy, Lauren H., and Alli.

Next up was a more in-depth look at Juan Pablo’s life. He was very excited to be the first Latino Bachelor. Cameras followed Juan Pablo to the gym to exercise, play soccer, and to work, where he does consulting for sports and entertainment. He told us he was born in the United States, played soccer in school and professionally, but he retired after his daughter, Camila, was born. Juan Pablo picked Camila up and took her to the park to play with a friend.

Juan Pablo and Camila spent time with his family, who discussed the variety of women Juan Pablo had dated and gave their opinions on what might happen during his time on the show. They also gave their advice – a cousin said to take 15-minute breaks between make-out sessions and to brush his teeth, while his uncle told him to be patient. His sister joined them via video chat and told him she was pregnant.

Next, The Bachelor franchise took time to pay tribute to former cast member, Gia Allemand, who passed away tragically after committing suicide last year. They showed clips of Gia’s time on the show and also got short statements from former cast mates Ashleigh, Jaclyn, Ames, Craig, Jason, Jenna, and Jackie. The segment closed with pictures of Gia, and her mother, Donna, saying she didn’t want any other parent to go through that with their child – she missed her and how she always lit up the room like sunshine. The last clip they showed was Gia saying she wanted to be remembered for her kind heart.

The show ended with a sneak peek at this season of The Bachelor, which (of course) promises to be full of cattiness, drama, and tears.

Are you excited to watch the new season of The Bachelor? What do you think of Juan Pablo? Leave a comment below!

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