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'The Bachelor 18': 'After the Final Rose' recap

Juan Pablo Galavis, the Bachelor
Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Immediately following “The Bachelor” finale tonight, March 10, the “After the Final Rose” special aired live. Chris Harrison welcomed Clare out to the stage first, and she told Chris she was doing good. Watching everything again brought back the sting of that day, and it wasn’t easy. Clare said that was the day every woman waits for, and she really thought she was going to get engaged – she had asked Juan Pablo his worries, fears, and doubts, and he didn’t say any. Chris asked what happened in the helicopter, and she said it wasn’t anything she wanted to repeat because it was disrespectful and caught her off-guard. Clare said things built as the day went on, and she didn’t know how to handle it. Chris wondered why she decided to stay, but she said she should have trusted her gut and left. He also asked if Clare wanted to speak to Juan Pablo, and she said she thought a lot about it, but the day in Saint Lucia was pivotal for her. Clare felt she had enough closure and didn’t even have anything she wanted Chris to ask on her behalf.

Juan Pablo came out next and said he was doing well, but it had been a long wait. Chris asked him his take on Clare, and Juan Pablo said he wasn’t there to play games. For him, it was very hard to say good-bye to people, but he made a decision that was best for him. He rambled on a bit about how many hours he was on the show and how many hours it was cut down to, so Chris finally brought things back to Clare. Juan Pablo talked about private, personal conversations and said he had nothing bad to talk about Clare. He had no regrets and wondered why he should have regrets. Juan Pablo said he wasn’t sure what he was going to do that night and had to make the decision that was best for him.

Nikki joined Chris without Juan Pablo and said there is still a relationship. She said it has been hard in hiding, but it has been really great. She didn’t know if Juan Pablo was in love with her, but her feelings hadn’t changed. Juan Pablo still hadn’t told her he loved her, but she knew he cared about her a lot because of his actions.

Juan Pablo sat down with Nikki on the couch and said he was happy they could start their relationship from here and be normal and go out for a burger. Chris Harrison asked about the surprise Juan Pablo had teased when they were in Saint Lucia, and Juan Pablo basically told him there was no surprise, and he never said that. To him, he was there with Nikki, and they were happy. Chris kept trying to get Juan Pablo to say he loved Nikki, but all he could say was that he felt fantastic about her. He said they were so glad to be done with the show, and the show had been boxing with him. Juan Pablo also commented when Chris interrupted him before, but he said how people had been in the computer and received text messages…he would say something and be honest if he had something to say. (Huh?) To break the awkwardness, Chris went to Sean Lowe to ask his opinion – Sean said the moment he knew he was falling in love with Catherine, he couldn’t wait to tell her. But, he knew he and Juan Pablo were different, and Juan Pablo didn’t want everyone to see into his life. Juan Pablo said he wanted to respect Nikki’s dad, and that was why he didn’t want to propose. At the end of the day, he was glad he signed up. Chris told Juan Pablo this was the time to shine and express his feelings, and Juan Pablo repeated him. Nikki spoke up and said people have sat there before and said they were in love when they really weren’t, and it didn’t matter if they were or weren’t, but time would tell. She said it was a real relationship, and they were taking things very seriously. Juan Pablo said he was sorry things didn’t end up the way everyone wanted them to, but (all together now), he had to be honest.

After the commercial break, Chris Harrison sarcastically stated that he was back with Juan Pablo and Nikki, who were engaged and in love, which got laughs from the audience and more awkwardness from Juan Pablo and Nikki. Chris wondered how long Nikki would give things before she would leave if he didn’t tell her he loved her, and she said she would give it time, but she would eventually leave if he didn’t. Chris then asked where their relationship was headed, and Juan Pablo said something happened a couple weeks ago – he got information from the production team, and things drastically changed, but it was private, and he didn’t want to share. Chris asked where they would be living, and Juan Pablo said they wanted to keep their plans private. Chris went to Sean’s wife, Catherine, who felt confused by everything, but she was glad they were happy. She said this show is about love and said not to slap the hand that feeds you. (Juan Pablo was confused and didn’t understand). Chris explained that when you sign up for the show, it is a public forum and wondered why Juan Pablo wouldn’t want to share the happy part with the public and show how much he loves Nikki. Juan Pablo said he signed up to be “The Bachelor,” it was two months of filming, and once it was done airing, they wanted to keep it to themselves.

Finally, it was time to announce the new “Bachelorette”… Andi! They played a short clip of her in her everyday life as an Assistant District Attorney and footage of her with her family before bringing her out on stage. She was excited. Making fun of Juan Pablo, Chris asked her if she knew this would be on television, told her she could express her emotions, and tell someone she was in love with them. She laughed and could agree with all of that, but she was ready to find someone to come home and share her day with. Chris reminded everyone to tune into “The Bachelorette,” which premieres May 19.

What did you think of the “After the Final Rose?” Does anyone out there still like Juan Pablo? Are you excited for Andi as “The Bachelorette?” Leave a comment below!

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