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The awesome box: Staraptor

Photo: Zeke Mathers

Talonflame has had a pretty stellar career in the X and Y meta-game. Nobody utilizes Brave Bird quite as well, except maybe Blaziken; but out there in Kalos, there exists another Pokemon that seeks to take some of the glory Talonflame has gained. It's time to shed some light on the Predator Pokemon, Staraptor!

Stat-wise, Staraptor is slightly sub-par, with a total base stat of only 485. It could use a little boost (A Mega Evolution would've been nice, but ah well). Nonetheless, it can still compete with the best of them. The move pool doesn't need to be discussed at length, as Staraptor can run almost the exact kind of set as its Generation VI counterpart; however, Staraptor's move set is purely about power. It can get the Ability Reckless to increase the damage given out with Brave Bird and Double-Edge. Give this bird a Life Orb, and its two most destructive moves, after STAB is applied, attain a power of 259. Combined with an already decent base Attack stat of 120, your opponents will have difficulty withstanding either attack. Not even Rock-types will have it easy with Close Combat in its arsenal. And if for whatever reason those moves don't cut the cake, Staraptor can U-Turn out of the situation for later.

It is important to note that in order to have all of this power under its wing, Staraptor sacrifices speed, which is a crucial element for Talonflame's success. Staraptor will most likely have to run a Jolly nature to maximize its base 100 Speed. You also may want to consider having it hold a Choice Scarf instead of a Life Orb, since for two of its moves the 20% boost is built-in to the bird's Ability. Tailwind is a viable option for transferred Staraptor, though it is a better idea to have another team member set up with this move. Those players who like the element of surprise could also consider Mirror Move.

If it's given the chance, the Predator Pokemon certainly will not let its Trainer down.

"Get back Talonflame, this one's mine"

  • Moves: Brave Bird, Double-Edge, Close Combat, U-Turn/Tailwind/Mirror Move
  • Held Item: Life Orb/Choice Scarf
  • Nature, Ability, and EV Spread: Jolly/Adamant, Reckless, 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4 HP
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