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The awesome box: Durant

Durant, the Iron Ant Pokemon
Durant, the Iron Ant Pokemon
Photo: Zeke Mathers

This is a surprising competition-level Pokémon, and it has turned out very well. Because of it capabilities, it can catch an unwary opponent completely off-guard. So, here is the Awesome Box's first entry, the Iron Ant Pokémon Durant!

We'll begin with this iron-clad bug's move pool. Durant has access to a variety of coverage and STAB moves, but only a few are needed to use it effectively. A basic move set would include the two STAB moves X-Scissor and Iron Head, but it is possible to run Bug Bite instead, if for some reason you tend to face a lot of Sitrus Berry-carrying Trevenant. A third attacking move would provide excellent coverage. For this slot, you could counter Durant's only type weakness, Fire, by having it run Rock Slide or Stone Edge. The fourth move slot depends on which Ability you choose for the Terminator-style termite: the choices for it are Swarm, Hustle, and Truant. Swarm is useful in creating an increased STAB attack with Endure and X-Scissor, but is sorely outclassed by its other two options. Truant at first seems detrimental, but one can take advantage of this haphazard gift with Entrainment, which applies the Ability to an opposing Pokémon (imagine a Rotom that only does something every other turn). However, the most ideal of the three Abilities is Hustle. The reason? Hustle increases the base Attack stat by 50%, raising Durant's strength to an intimidating 164. Sure, it lowers base Accuracy to 80%, but that's why we fill the fourth move slot with Hone Claws. This status move raises Attack and Accuracy one stage with a single use, so not only is Hustle's Accuracy drop neutralized, but now combined with this Ability, the ant's base Attack goes up to a massive 218! Want to try and step on it now?

What makes any of this feasible is that Durant's 109 base Speed makes it fast enough to preempt several popular threats. If you need a solution to take out that Timid/Jolly, 252-Speed-EV Mega Charizard, then look no further than Unova's Iron Ant Pokémon!

"Don't Tread On Me"

  • X-Scissor
  • Rock Slide/Stone Edge
  • Iron Head
  • Hone Claws
  • Held Item: Lum Berry/King's Rock
  • Nature, Ability, & EV Spread: Jolly, Hustle, 252 DEF, 252 SPD, 4 ATK
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