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The Awakenings Project-helping children with mental illness achieve their goals

If you have a young child, or an adult child who suffers from a mental illness, you may not know that your child has an artistic side. The founders of the “Awakenings Project” realized this, and decided to start a group where people with mental illness have an outlet to be creative. It can be music, writing, poetry, and art.

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the awakenings project

The founders of the Awakenings Project are Bob Lundin, and Irene O’Neill. They started the group in the late 90’s. After going to few conferences and learning how important the arts are to people with mental illnesses. They used to hold a studio in Glen Ellyn IL, and them moved to Elgin a few years ago where it currently. The group holds an open studio every Saturday from 11 to 2 on Division Street in downtown Elgin.

Also if your child is part of an organization, they also come during the week as a group as well. The Gateway foundation, which helps children with mental illness, makes trips to Elgin studio for a group art and creativity session.

The Awakenings has a website which is located here:

You can find all the information you need, as well as contact Irene herself with any questions you may have. Irene and Bob will work with you make your child’s experience a happy one.

The Awakenings Project also holds art shows where clients can display their paintings and other artwork and the general public can bid and purchase different kinds of artwork.

You can also donate as well and you can learn how on the website. Or you can contact Irene.

Your child can meet new people and do something that really makes them feel good, and will build confidence with masterpiece they created. Check out the Awakenings Project located in Elgin.

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