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'The Avengers' Podcast: Who was that purple guy, anyway?

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With a $200 million opening, the new "The Avengers" movie is setting records and blowing the theater doors off as the first blockbuster of the summer. However, the movie is still leaving some big questions among movie-goers.

My new podcast is up on "The Avengers" movie, as "King Geek" amongst my friends I've gotten a lot of questions on the flick. Here's some discussion, answers, and comic geek insight including:

  • Who the purple guy at the end of the movie is, and what that means.
  • Which character I though got too much screen time, and which could have used more.
  • The best parts of an unexpectedly funny movie.
  • The new Hulk, and if Mark Ruffalo was an upgrade.
  • Why distrust of the Nick Fury character was a natural, modern twist.

All that and more on the podcast, available for free download there. All my podcasts are also available on iTunes, subscribe to them here if you prefer.

-- Reid Kerr wonders where Nick Fury got the blood for those Captain America trading cards. Follow Reid on Twitter or subscribe to him on Facebook and leave him your questions and comments.