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The Avalonia Amphitheater


They are creating an art form that comes from the heart and expresses joy, beauty, love, community and environmental consciousness. They want to create a " Place For Wisdom, Imagination, Innovation, and Connections". You can participate in this historic opportunity in saving this beautiful place on the coast of Maine. Caterpillar Hill Initiative has held strong their position for the last nine years and now the price of the land has come down from 2 million to under 900,000. This reduction in price also presents the great risk of losing the land to development at such a low price. They feel 2014 may be our best chance to come together. There are many people working with us and many hours and years of work has brought us to an exciting threshold.

Spring 2014 Fundraising Base Goal $30,000

Installs an Amphitheater Classroom.
Builds Community.
Activates our core curriculum and services for community.
Creates a nature oriented landmark for the community.
SupportsThe Arts.
Preserves and restores the natural beauty of the Blue Hill Peninsula’s foremost vista.
Best Case Stretch Goal: $125,000.00

65% ($81,250.00) Allows CHI to Secure a Purchase and Sale Agreement, Stabilizing the organization by allowing us to "take ownership" opening significant grant opportunities.
100% Goal accomplished further allows: The Completion of the Amphitheater and Eliminates the threat of the loss of public access to one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Eliminates the threat of a less inclusive stewardship.

Perks include:

Pens, books, flags, t-shirts, and bandanas
Handwritten Thank You Cards
Mandala Pins
A Master Concept Plan Signed by the founding team.
Signed Posters
Skype Chats
Meeting our core team
Putting together you own event hosted by CHI
Thank yous on our websites
Download of high resolution images of Caterpillar Hill
A thank you video from the community
Becoming an Alliance Member on behalf of other communities.
Hosting a special talk or event in your honor
A sailing voyage around Maine islands that can be seen in our view.
Founding Memberships at all levels

You can support the project here:

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