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The auto body repair tool at the end of your finger

Removing evidence of an unwelcome encounter.
Removing evidence of an unwelcome encounter.
Cadstone Studio

Look at your hand to find the perfect tool to fix minor scrapes on your car.

Getting ready to repair auto paint damage
Cadstone Studio

If you have a car that you care about, your day will occasionally be ruined by a rub from or on another car or stationary object. “That bollard just came out of NOWHERE!”

Car finishes consist of multiple layers, so losing or gaining some paint is not always as bad as it seems.

If the paint is lost, the best hope is a mild abrasive polishing wax such as Scratch Out by Kit. Be careful not to increase the damage by removing more finish. The objective is to smooth the scrape and add layers of wax to hide and protect.

The better situation is when paint is gained. Your good finish is probably just hidden. The offending paint or similar material can come off but this must be done gently. Do not try to cover it with touch up bottle paint until attempting to remove the foreign paint first.

To scrape the transferred paint without damaging the underlying and adjacent finish, a strong yet flexible and tool is required. Metal is out of the question! Sandpaper is the wrong choice. A metal putty knife, even with an edge worn smooth from use is not a good option. A worn and polished plastic putty knife or kitchen spatula is preferred. Or for optimum control and safety, try your thumb nail!

Yes, you have perfect flexible, not abrasive scrapers on each hand. These keratin tools are made to be used and worn away. Now is your chance to return to your aboriginal roots.

Gently scrape off as much foreign paint as possible, then use a micro-polisher like Kit Scratch Out to finish the job and remove/cover smaller scratches and abrasions.

For areas cut completely through the finish, touch up paint is the only option. Apply as little as possible and only to the affected area.

I cannot say the final results will look like new, but you will probably be the only one who notices or cares. The other option is the body shop. Be prepared to spend $$$ or get shoddy work that means all the paint will be peeling off your bumper at the car wash next year.

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