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The attraction to classic motorcycles

One of the most freeing times as a child is when you are allowed to ride around the block on your bike alone. It is just you and your two-wheeler. The attraction is the simple mechanics of a gear, pedals and chain powering your freedom along.

Classic motorcycles have the same appeal to enthusiasts. There is an engine with all of its oily bits, a thick chain powering the rear wheel, loud pops from gear changes, and most importantly the riders bug-filled grin while cruising down the road. Modern bikes come equipped all sorts of electronic aids, most of which do enhance the motorcycles operations, but that old fashioned feel is slowly fading. When a classic breaks down, pull it into the garage and tinker away with almost basic tools -- good luck trying that with a modern motorcycle. Through frequent repairs, a relationship builds between the rider and the classic; the bike humanizes. The owner gives the motorcycle a name based on appearance or how the bike performs, and the bond grows as time passes on.

This article is meant to highlight that a classic motorcycle is more than a toy, it is a lifestyle and a long term commitment. Modern motorcycles are great for maintenance and reliability, but enthusiasts crave the old fashioned driving feel and for it to break down, just so it can be put back together. It is like a relationship with a close friend. That is the attraction to classic motorcycles.

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