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The athletic klutz can love sports

Go, Ravens!
Go, Ravens!
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My first time out as a high school cheerleader, I had no clue what we were cheering about on the football field. I followed the lead of the senior cheerleaders and got by. What were downs, end-zone passes, and field kicks? I had no idea, but I cheered our AA team on to victory!

Marrying a football nut and later having a daughter and another daughter’s husband as football experts, I still cared nothing about what was what with football except for cheering for the Washington Redskins.

Recently, and way before I saw “Blindside,” the movie, I officially moved myself into the Raven fan category. (My husband had been there from the beginning.) I realized it was time to choose, to leave the Redskins for good, although I live halfway between the “’Skins” and  the Ravens.

Having seen “Blindside” the movie, I watch for Number 74, but not only Michael Oher. I’m behind the whole team. I’m with it. I’m in the game. I’m a Ravens fan. I’m a follower. All of the above apply to me.

OK. Look. There’s one Ravens game left in the regular season, January 4. I won’t be in the stands, will you? But will you be cheering from a restaurant or a home man-cave? I'll be in our "lower level" where pro and college football happen.

Go, Ravens! Sports provide terrific biographies (including Michael Oher and others) and examples of courage and discipline on and off the field. Ravens, don’t disappoint us. Don’t neglect personal integrity either. Doesn’t our loyalty inspire you? We cheer and love ya!

Ohio State and Oregon college football is starting now. Gotta run. Catch you later at Ravens' time! We don't play, but we cheer every time.


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