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The Assault Continues

When the latest economic forecast came out just this past week the news for the United States isn't good. In fact when the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal both concluded that for the seventh year in a row the overall economy has declined. A very different picture than what is being portrayed by the present Administration and the rest of the main stream media. We have to remember that for over 200 years the United States led the world in economic freedom. And, for many of those years America was the most prosperous nation in the world. There is a direct correlation between economic freedom and economic growth. When economic freedom is a dominate factor the benefits of economic growth continue to grow. Thus, a nation experiences unprecedented economic prosperity. What the United States has seen for the past ten years is a very sharp decline in overall economic freedom and consequently our economic growth has plummeted as a result contrary to what so many of our illustrious legislatures and the media keep spouting.

Today the United States doesn't even make it to the top 10 of the 178 countries that were in the study by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal. What has happened to our economy and our economic freedoms? It seems that for the past decade our congress even the President and the Supreme Court have all been complicit in the unrelenting assaults of free enterprise in this the land of the free. When the latest budget deal was signed this past week only has put the nations footing closer to that abyss of falling further in debt. They continue to ignore the root causes of why this nation has fallen so far and so fast from the pinnacle of economic prosperity we once had prior to 1972.

We should point out that our society has reached an age of multiple diversities where normality is anything but the norm. But, for a nation to thrive and prosper there has to be an overwhelming sense of unity of purpose. We have to go back to when JFK was President to identify what he instituted. It was during this period that the United States came together and put our many differences aside to push this nation to heights never before or since seen. In doing so we managed to have the greatest economic expansion our history, put a man on the moon before the end of the decade, and averted a nuclear war. We achieved this and more because as a nation we all came together. That is not the case today.

When so much attention is focused away from the harsh realities of the true nature of our economy, our society and our very own well being has left millions of Americans in a perpetual state of frustration wondering when they will be able to finally see their financial situation improve. The smoldering tempest of anxiety that has reached practically every household continues to push this nation down a very dangerous path.

With a budget deal that was just recently passed proves once again that our legislature, and our present Administration still can't quite grasp the underlying cause of an economy that is in such peril. When Goldman Sacs with willful intent slashed employees salaries just to shore up their quarterly share holders dividends is just another indication of what is really going on in America today.

The great divide between the have's and the have not's has reached another plateau. And with this new trade deal, the Trans Pacific Partnership is set to unleash another wave of corporate financial profits all at the expense of the American worker. This will only reinforce the greatest income disparity gap in our history. We would be wise to remember that the biggest mistake for our economy and economic future was made when President Nixon took the financial markets off the gold standard. Then when NAFTA was passed in 1994 pretty much put the nail in the coffin.

Since 1994 the United States has lost over 35 million middle class wage jobs. This in itself is the biggest major reason why governmental spending has increased. With today's Republican mindset that insists the government has an acute spending problem where the deficit has only ballooned in recent years congress continues to deny the fact that this nation has been experiencing a long term income crisis all across the country. The jobs that are beginning to creep back incomes have yet to reach levels comparable to living wage standards. This translates to why so many people now are applying and receiving governmental assistance, like Food Stamps and other safety nets that have been put in place to assist the now new found poor. When employment opportunities that are available don't reciprocate with living wages, not minimum wage but a living wage, keeps pushing this nations debt even higher.

Now comes another assault all aimed at the poor. Just this past week Senator Vitter proposed to tighten restrictions on the Food Stamp programs by insisting that when using their EBT cards they must also show a photo ID, like a drivers license. National advocacy groups for low-income Americans criticized Vitter’s proposal as ineffective and harmful to struggling beneficiaries. They point out that too many poor people do not have photo IDs, and it costs money they do not have to get them. the National advocacy groups also point out that the Senator's bill would be especially tough on many elderly and the poor who do not have the documents needed to get their photo ID, and who will struggle even to get to

The assault on the poor and the destitute has only intensified just because of the failure to recognize the biggest mistakes that our governmental officials have made for the past 42 years. Recognizing these mistakes is the key to restoring the balance in our society today. But, as long as one political party or another continue on the path of denial and a complete lack of empathy toward the have not's the United States will forever be locked in a bitter struggle that will eventually erode the confidence of not only the American public have for their elected officials but the confidence the Global community has for the United States.

The lack of confidence is already quite apparent. It has come to light that the US is now through this new treaty, the TPP, attempting to regain the confidence of the nations of the Far East. We can pretty well assume that when China was excluded from this treaty one of the reasons why is the fact that China's growing lack of confidence in the US dollar. The US dollar has been steadily loosing ground to the Chinese Yen and other currencies for years now. It just may well be a matter of time before the US dollar will cease being the worlds first currency. And, when that happens be forewarned.

What needs to be done now really isn't all that complicated. It will require a unified effort of all political ideologies to recognize that the mistakes made in the past can be rectified. But, only by recognizing the three major components that have created the largest imbalance in our society. We know for a fact from the past twenty years that free trade concepts don't equate to job growth here in the United States. Secondly, the income disparity gap continues to threaten stability and overall economic growth. And finally recognizing that the United States has an income crisis and not a governmental spending problem are the three major concerns that must be addressed.

Once we face these facts can we begin to put solutions in place. The solutions needed that will remedy our nations economic and financial failings is going to take some revolutionary concepts that will most likely disagree with many. But, we have to come together just like when JFK outlined a national plan of direction back over 50 years ago. Today just what is needed? That plan of direction for the 21st century is National Economic Reforms Ten Articles of Confederation. Time is running out. Implementing National Economic Reform's Ten Articles Of Confederation will secure this nations stability and enable the United States to prosper for generations to come.