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The Artist Soul

Ashley Davene

I’ve often felt that being an artist… or being truly self expressed, being a bit fragile even, and emotionally vulnerable might make you as a person more psychically vulnerable to the world, but it is also a very big part of the magic about you. A part of what makes you special, and you may not be regarded as such were you to be someone who was more turned off, and cold.

It comes with its own set of baggage, as any artist will tell you, anyone living a brave and inspired life that is truly vulnerable.

We have choices about how we live, every day, choices about where we show up, and who we show up as. Those choices make us who we are. What you have in you, you will create – if you have jealousy within you, you will create jealousy. When you can drop those beliefs and the way you look at the world, your world changes.

Sometimes in that feeling space, you feel pain, and in those moments it feels very real… whatever it is… whatever story you are telling yourself that is limiting your expression to one where this is not something that is happening for you, but against you. Because you could see it as either.

I had this break through moment lately about harboring thoughts that life is so difficult you just want death… why are we not asking for life instead? Why is it not a change in circumstance and life that we are praying for instead of death… both two obvious decisions, both two things that are totally possible, and I decided in that moment that I was a lifer … so to speak.

Someone who would always choose life over death, and that in itself, is a soft and calm miracle… showing up for us here day to day to day to day… some fighting for their lives right now would give anything for life, and others take it for granted.

I myself look forward to experience what life looks like at 60,70,80 even… all the while dancing I pray and maintaining my sense of humor, experience what life looks like layered with that foundation of experience and plethora of wisdom… with what I hope to be a great husband who is also experiencing aging and our grand children with me.

Time… moves slowly, in these breathes, in these moments, in and out, we breathe, love.

by Ashley Davene

The Book "Art of Love" available via

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