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The Artist: From Any Walk of Life

Very few people would be comfortable shifting from inside a corner office to the inside of a street side studio. It seems like a contradiction in a career sense. That's because it is completely against mainstream career goals. Fascinating, so how is it that artists can be apart if any facet of society?

Don't think about it too hard but the answer is in the question itself. Not to sound all Kung Fu master or philosophical guru but it happens to be true. Okay let's break this down for future reference. Seriously it makes sense when you think about it through the logic of an artist. Understandably not easy for everyone but just go with it. The driving force of an artist is to be able to create their art. To take it from their head and put it to paper, canvas, clay, stone, etc. Some choose to sell their artworks for an income. Others sometimes choose an alternative income to support themselves and there are those who do both. With me so far? How is it that artists can fit in anywhere? The simple answer is art is understood by every type of free and creative thinker imaginable. That is an infinite number of perspectives, possibilities, concepts and translations. For some, their art is about emotions, expressing their opinion, letting their voice be heard, shedding light on a forgotten way of life or sharing a talent. These are the artists that generally focus on the art itself rather than the artists' talent or skill and are considered to be the hard core bunch. Art is a voice, they want others to acknowledge what the art itself speaks of. Another category, if you will, is formed by those who see art as a story to be told. The story's message is entirely up to the artist and what story merits being told. Maybe a personal one of triumph, loss, pain, strength, beauty or wisdom. Whatever the reason they feel the need to tell the story they will tell it through the language of art. So much of the world's history is recorded within a written form but not all. Some can be found in picture or even in 3D form. The great works of art through the ages are a testament to this. For example: the Mona Lisa, the Sistine chapel, Michelangelo's statue of David, etc. Some art is meant to capture the beauty in a place and time. Look around, most often paintings hung in a gallery are those of a scene. A cobble road in Venice, a sunset over the Rockies, a beach shore in Pismo or the blue mountains of the Sierra Nevadas. To the elite, the purpose of art is to master a skill and technique being equally coupled with emotion. The truth is whatever you see, art is how one chooses to view it, it is what you make it.

Artists are not limited by society but rather accept all the aspects of it. Is it any wonder that the artists themselves can be anyone from anywhere? Or any member of society? Seeing it from this unique perspective, not so much. Artists are anyone because art itself has no boundaries.

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