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The art of war with words, GOP political strategy

From the beginning of President Obama's presidency, there has never been a shortage of GOP negativity aimed towards President Obama. The GOP manipulation of the populous' perception of the president served and serves them well. National media, publications, and news sources callously depicted the president-elect from an African witch-doctor to an Islamic terrorist. An act that played into the hands of GOP.

Shortly after taking office in 2009, President Obama, the first African American president, wanted to address the school children of the nation. Many parents, took their children out of school because they didn't want their kids to hear the president's message. It was a message for the kids to stay in school. Perception had been shaped from corporate media and half hearted attempts of being a truly inclusive society.

Gun sales soared through the roof as if the president would turn the military against white people, ridiculous notions, but the groundwork for mistrust and fear has been perennially ingrained in America. Nevertheless, the president judiciously uses America's might to secure all Americans safety at home or abroad.

Diversion of crying foul about Obamacare, national debt, too liberal, a socialist (but a record breaking stock market continues), a Muslim and blah blah blah, though unsubstantiated, gives GOP and its economic arm room to implement the buyout of Congress.

The president had been dubbed "Food Stamp President", because when he took office he had the compassion to extend unemployment and food stamp allowance to Americans devastated by an unprecedented modern era Recession that left millions near poverty from the previous administration. Since taking office, the economy has grown by 8.2 million jobs, but he will not be dubbed, "Job Creating President."

As verbal battles flare between this group and that group, ultra conservative money PACs are spending treasure to overtake Congress while Americans across the spectrum have seen good jobs, health, wealth and rights become difficult to attain.

From 2009 - 2013, GOP led Congress had become so uncooperative and void of productivity, there should have been guilt to receive a check. Legislating had become obsolete.

President Obama acted alone in some cases without Congress due to the severity of reducing and securing nuclear arms of a fractured Russia. Or reigning in the run away global Recession that threatened much of the industrial world from a crisis created from a GOP run administration, under President Bush.

After President Obama's re-election, Congress has shown signs of sensibility. Even so, the strategy to influence minds and votes against the president's agenda and legacy remains a priority. Research to use the legal system to obtain victory is paramount.

By finding a loophole in the definition of a person by the GOP, corporations have gained personhood from a virtual or a legal person to become an actual citizen or American person. The reason behind this Supreme Court ruling is that corporations pay taxes as well as citizens and have the right to freedom of speech. Yet, this should not constitute a person, because a person of a human soul may practice freedom of religion as well as freedom of speech. A corporation cannot practice faith as a unit without the use of coercion or manipulation.

A corporation cannot run for office, but with the help of GOP, it won't have to.

And the disadvantage of considering a corporation as a person is its capacity to contribute to a candidate, that far outweighs the average individual citizen. This leaves heightened probability for payoffs and corruption through extremely large monetary contributions.

Division of U.S. citizens through party affiliation, education, race, income level, gender and etc. are political tactics to sideline American people, their voting rights and their power. In the meantime, the GOP Congressional takeover through big corporate money becomes a reality by way of manipulative words and millions of dollars.

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