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The Art of Shaving collections

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To take a turn to men’s beauty and grooming, take a look at The Art of Shaving’s razors and products. The brand includes its own label aftershave and shaving cream, as well as Gillette razors.

To start a luxurious collection, buy a gift set with all you need for a good complete shave. The sets come complete with pre-shave oil, lotion, brush and shaving cream in a jar.

You should try lavender scent to settle down your beard and skin or lemon scent for health and radiance. Additionally there are old reliable ocean kelp, unscented and sandalwood luxuries.

To branch out on a good man’s collection look for The Art of Shaving’s shaving soap, individual lotions and shaving creams, and model razors. Available at online department stores such as Macy’s and Nieman Marcus.