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The Art of Reinventing Yourself; It's Never Too Late

"street etiquette"
"street etiquette"

Fashion mostly repeats itself when going in a "new" direction, proving that styles can be recycled while maintaining its modernity. Whether it's jeans, jackets, or shirts, many styles that are currently in retail have been seen or done before. In a world where fashion seems to be relegated by what celebrities are wearing, it's all about thinking outside of the trend. Some people are comfortable blending in with the crowds, while others feel a literal suffocation at the sight of "normalcy fashion". The latter group is more likely to initiate a self re-invention, if not for their appetite of new and innovative styles, then for the mere sake of not looking like a cloned version of "what's hot". Not that the trend followers are boring, it's just that the trend setters are much for fun. 

Let's start with the first step in reinventing one's style. Assessment is key, as it allows us to honestly look at ourselves and decide what we like and dislike about our style, and most importantly, how we vision ourselves after the change. For example, a guy really likes his skateboard style, but doesn't care for his loose tattered jeans and plain tees. This guy really only needs to change up the actual clothing choices as opposed to the style. He can stick with the skateboard look and simply get a slimmer pair of trendy denim that will look great with skateboard sneakers or with a pair of hard soled Italian shoes. The shirts should remain casual since he is very active in skateboarding. Vintage tees and thermal shirts would compliment the overall look. 

A good way to switch up ones style is to just be creative and have an imagination. I like to use pieces of clothes that I no longer want, and attach them to other items to create a new look. The sleeves of an oversized flannel, for example, can be cut off and sewn onto the arms of one's favorite vintage tee. Or remove the pocket off a pair of jeans and sew it onto a cool messenger boy hat. There are absolutely no limits as to how far one can push fashion while piecing together new and unique creations. Be expressive and true to your personality.


  • Cidney 4 years ago

    Awesome! This inspires me to do some sewing/stiching myself!!!!