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The Art of Recovery: the 2010 Recovery Conference theme

The 2010 Region 1 (Cook County) Recovery Conference
The 2010 Region 1 (Cook County) Recovery Conference
Keith A. Little

With funding at a all time low, this year's Illinois Region 1 Recovery Conference is looking for anyone with bright ideas to step forward and let them know of other ways to seek funding. Last year the conference cost the committee roughly $13,000.

This year the conference has about $2,700 saved with a promise of an additional $1,500 from the state once the conference is over.

Today's focus was on the topic of where the Conference would be held. With a lack of funding staring right in the eyes of the committee's chair, the question that has come to mind from most, could we find someone to donate space for the conference?

On a positive note, this examiner is told that this has been the most organized committee that has been seen for the conference in at least some time. This is not just any group of individuals. This group has many shared years of overcoming obstacles many still today think impossible.

With strength in numbers, the recovery conference committee actively working to overcome these challenges to see the conference be a shining light in these troubled times.

The theme for this year's conference is called, "The Art of Recovery". If you are a mental health consumer, and would like to see your artwork be the logo for this year's conference, please send your information to Please add a note that you are looking for more information on how to enter the consumer art contest. The artwork must be one of your own makings.


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