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"The Art of Purring"--A recommended read

The Art of Purring
Photo: T. Rangel

What makes you purr? Of all the questions in the world, this is the most important. It is also the great leveler. Because no matter whether you are a playful kitten or a sedentary senior, a scrawny alley Tom or a sleek-coated uptown girl, whatever your circumstances, you just want to be happy. Not the kind of happy that comes and goes like a can of flaked tuna but an enduring happiness. The deep-down happiness that makes you purr from the heart.

In The Dalai Lama's Cat---by David Michie---we remember the main character who was once a homeless, mud-smeared kitten that was left for dead in the slums of New Delhi. Fortunately, she was rescued and began her new life in the Himalayas as HHC---His Holiness's Cat.

The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Art of Purring continues with the Dalai Lama's announcement of his teaching tour in America. Before he leaves, though, he poses a challenge to his beloved HHC: the challenge to discover the true cause of happiness. Throughout her journey, HHC discovers---during her encounter with Yogi Tarchen---some information of her past life. Overheard conversations of science and Buddhism also help her to discover what really causes happiness.

Because we live in a world of materialism, we often question what can truly make us happy. Sometimes it can leave us with discouragement. We often question our pursuit of happiness by basing it on money, a new career, relationships, etc. This story, however, can provide some wisdom and advice. This is a recommended read for those who are inspired by Buddhism and Spirituality, including those who really enjoyed the first book. For more information on the author, click the link below:

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