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The art of noncompliance

I will not comply
I will not comply
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What do we do when our Federal, state and local governments become tyrannical in nature and insist on passing and implementing unjust and unconstitutional laws? We have griped and complained. We have organized protests, rallies and marches. We voted some of the bums out, only to have them replaced by new bums. We have deluged their offices with phone calls, emails and letters. We have constantly and peacefully sought a redress to our grievances. All of our efforts have been to little or no avail.

So what recourse is left to the citizens suffering under unjust and unconstitutional laws, short of violent overthrow? Mass noncompliance of these laws by overwhelming numbers of citizens may be the only way to truly grab the attention of tyrannical lawmakers. When a large enough number of citizens refuse to comply or bow down to the demands of their elected servants, governments are left with a choice of potentially violent crackdowns on their citizenry or finally recognizing and bending to the will of the people.

Gun control
In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy, numerous states and localities passed knee-jerk and emotionally based gun control measures. This despite the fact that ample proof, facts, research and anecdotal evidence show these types of gun control measures to be ineffective. These measures were also passed in spite of very little support amongst the general populations of these states and localities.

In Connecticut, a law requiring the registration of semi-automatic rifles and standard-capacity magazines took effect on January 1, 2014. It is estimated that only about 5-10% of gun owners in the state actually registered their firearms and magazines. In New York, the mis-named SAFE Act banned certain semi-auto rifles for cosmetic features, placed an arbitrary limit on how much ammunition could be in a firearm’s magazine, and will begin registration of gun owners in April. Citizens of New York have been outspoken in their opposition to the law and their intentions of noncompliance. They have even been joined by a number of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs that have vowed not to enforce the SAFE Act.

Gun owners in other states and localities instituting similar laws, like California, Colorado, Illinois and Maryland, should take heart from these efforts, and join in the noncompliance movement. They should embrace their 2nd Amendment protected natural right to keep and bear arms, and refuse to comply with any and all arbitrary bans, registration or permitting schemes put in place by their governments.

In 2010, a Democrat controlled Congress pushed legislation through along party lines and hastily passed a complete overhaul and government takeover of our nation’s health insurance system. It was freely admitted at the time that nobody had read the bill, and nobody knew exactly what was in it. That did not matter though, as the people were promised time and time again that it was a great idea to give insurance coverage to all, that they would be able to keep their plans and doctors if they liked them, and would see their rates and deductibles go down. We now know that the exact opposite is true, and people are being dropped from their plans, are unable to see their preferred doctors and are seeing their premiums and deductibles skyrocket.

The law has been roundly criticized as unconstitutional and unworkable, Supreme Court decision notwithstanding. The President has even admitted as much that his signature law is unworkable, with 20+ separate delays of different parts and pieces of the law. After a horrendous rollout of the online system, far less people have actually enrolled than original government estimates.

The individual and employer mandates are the linchpins of the health insurance law. The mandates require that everybody be enrolled in a private or public insurance plan, and uses the money collected from wealthy and healthy enrollees to subsidize the poor and sick enrollees. If people refuse to comply with the government mandate, and do not enroll in the forced insurance, the law will eventually and inevitably implode under it’s own weight. There are penalties from the IRS for noncompliance with Obamacare, but those penalties cost far less right now than enrolling in a plan. Over time the penalty will grow, and eventually it may end up being more cost-effective to enroll in a plan, but if enough people refuse to comply than the whole law may fall apart and be repealed or replaced before that happens.

Taxes are a tough issue for many people to be noncompliant on. The IRS is big, bad and scary, and will use any and all methods and means at their disposal to collect what they claim is due them. This is in spite of many various arguments against the constitutionality of the income tax, like the 1894 income tax being ruled as unconstitutional, or the 1916 Supreme Court ruling that the 16th Amendment did not grant Congress any new taxing authority, or various arguments using the basis of the 4th and 5th Amendments. However, most courts won’t even hear these arguments, and it is increasingly hard to avoid paying taxes.

There is a sort of noncompliance on the income tax that might work though. If enough people adjust the number of claimed dependents on their W-4 forms, for at least part of the year, then they can make it so that no money is withheld in the form of payroll taxes. Granted, the number of dependents would have to be adjusted back down at some point, and one would most likely end up owing some money at tax time instead of receiving a refund of overpayment, but in effect it would starve the beast of needed cash. And in the end you would only be paying the government exactly what you owed at the end of the year, instead of giving them an interest-free loan in the form of overpayment throughout the year. Should enough people do this, the government would most certainly notice a significant portion of their weekly/monthly/quarterly funding dry up.

It must be noted that noncompliance with the government’s rules and regulations is risky. The government does not like to be disobeyed, and will at first attempt to punish those that it may classify as troublemakers, as they must fiercely protect the illusion of the omnipotent, all-powerful and all-knowing government. As individuals, noncompliance is inherently dangerous, and is not for everyone. But there is safety in numbers, and the more people that refuse to comply with the government’s demands, the safer such noncompliance becomes. Though they may go after some individuals, they cannot and will not go after everybody. The government simply does not have the time or resources to arrest, prosecute and/or jail every single person that disobeys their edicts. As individuals, one must weigh the risks of noncompliance with the benefits of forcing the government to pay attention and respect their masters, the people.

Please join your fellow patriots and countrymen in standing up to a tyrannical government and their unjust and unconstitutional laws, rules and regulations. Tell them NO, I will not comply.

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