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The Art of Mary Gould

This is Mary's Black Stallion that she drew at a very young age.
This is Mary's Black Stallion that she drew at a very young age.
@ Solid Rock Photography and Mary Gould

One day last fall, Mary Gould and her family walked into the Austin Area Art Center to see what was at the art center. That was one reason they stopped in. The other, they were interested in becoming members in the future. The future came in January of 2012. Now, Mary’s jewelry and photography will be on display at the Austin Area Art Center.

In the interview with Mary, her husband's quote was, "Seriously, you do not have that color of bead already?" From having just one box of beads to now 7-9 boxes of all different beads for her jewerly making endeavors!
@ Solid Rock Photography

Mary has always done art. From the earliest of memories, five to six years old, she was doing something with scissors, twine, tape, and a pad of paper. In fourth grade, she started drawing horses while dreaming about a pony. The one horse photo, the Black Stallion, was one her mom kept because, “Mary can draw really well.” Now most moms will hopefully say that about their child’s art but after seeing the image in person you can see it was exceptional for that age! It is definitely worth hanging onto.

Growing up, Mary’s interest in art grew to include print making, lithography, etching, and more. In high school, she was not your typical procrastinating art student. She was the perfectionist that would keep doing her art until it was just right. In college, she learned to user her perfectionism to her benefit and made some great works of art in even more genres.

In college, Mary developed a great love for pottery and photography. Pottery, though she was never really good at it, was a definite form of stress relief. “I never really got the hang of the potter’s wheel as I would not be centered on the wheel and therefore my pieces would not be correct, but I loved the stress relief kneading clay offered,” said Mary. Now while her clay work in college was not that great, her photography skills grew drastically. She commented about her darkroom time as one of great love even the smells. After she would get the print out of the darkroom, it was always one of those, “wow, that looks great” moments. She loved learning all about photography from the planning of good photography, to the cameras, to the film developing to the print making. She graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, with a Bachelor of Science in Commercial Radio and TV and a Minor in Photography.

Presently, Mary is into jewelry making and photography while working for KAAL TV as the Creative Services Supervisor. She, along with many other artists will have their work on display on the new members wall on display starting February 29 at the Austin Area Art Center located in Oak Park Mall.


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