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The art of managing a business service

business services
business services
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The organization is a living, breathing, entity which requires people, processes, and technology to implement services for their customers. There are a lot of complexities to differentiate an organization from other companies in their industry. The management of these complexities is as much of an art form as it is a science. We will be exploring three different components that managers in an organization must work with in building and managing a service. The first thing before diving into the topic is to better understand what a business service is. A business service is something which provides value to your organization and customers. An example of a service is concierge services. There are many other examples but this is a simple concept which you can easily comprehend since most of us have received this service in the past.

Since our world has not been taken over by robots yet, people are an important component to enabling the delivery of business services. People have different personalities, capabilities, expectations, problems, and other traits which define what a human being is. We take all of these traits which define a person and multiply that by the number of people who supports a business unit. As a manager, you would have to handle an almost infinite number of possibilities that your staff would handle work based on their capabilities. People are the most difficult part of the value chain in delivering a service.

The business processes which create a product or service are important in how quickly and cheaply a product is created. There are so many companies which struggle with duplicate processes which create inefficiencies that hinder an organization’s ability to compete effectively in their industry. There are many business process re-engineering programs who are dedicated in getting rid of the wasted efforts to produce a better, quality service.
Technology is the major component in enabling a solution. We have become so dependent on technology that custom off the shelf products sell for millions of dollars to implement in an organization. These products are used to create a new business service which has not existed before or to improve a capability which was not providing value. These three major components must be utilized appropriately to provide organizational efficiency.