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The art of makeup: how to cover imperfections

The art of makeup: how to cover imperfections
The art of makeup: how to cover imperfections

There are times when many of us would like to know how to apply makeup in such a way that it will help cover some of the imperfections our complexions might have, like: pimples, blackheads, redness, scars, dark circles and wrinkles. In this article, we are going to give you some ideas on how to achieve the perfect makeup.

Makeup for covering scars, pimples, blackheads and redness

These problems are found only on certain areas of your face, especially in the “T” area, or in severe cases, all over the face, including the neck and the neckline. Problem areas can be very well covered if after applying the foundation cream on the face and the neck you:
• come back on the affected areas to cover them with a concealer that you will then “hide” with the tips of your fingers to make it less visible;
• you will apply again a little foundation cream that is more compact, with a thin brush;
• finalize the base of your makeup with a powder applied in a thin layer, so the corrections won’t be visible.
For pimples and redness there is special makeup to be found in green and beige colors in the form of concealers that have the following properties: the green one contains ingredients that calms and reduces the redness and the beige one will offer a deep cover, giving a natural look to your complexion.
Blackheads appear especially if the complexion is oily and become even more visible if you use makeup that contains talc and cosmetics with parabens that aren’t removed in the evening before going to sleep.

For a complexion with such problems, makeup with minerals is advised, as it will help to reduce the existing blackheads and prevent new ones from forming.

Makeup for covering dark circles

The skin around the eyes, especially the one under the eyes is extremely sensitive and requires special care with special products, from different combinations of tea prepared in the home to anti-wrinkle creams.

Some people inherit this problem while others acquire it through bad habits, but in both cases, covering dark circles means applying a special concealer meant for eye care, a product generally known as “dark circle concealer” that is found in the form of creams, liquids or solid concealers.

It is very important you choose a concealer that is as close to the shade of your foundation cream as possible so it won’t leave spots on your face and it must be well smoothed on the skin, in order for it to have a better concealing power.

Makeup for covering wrinkles

Wrinkles aren’t treated only when they appear, but also before, through a prevention “program” that should start as early as 25 with antiwrinkle creams, treatment serums etc., but once we have them, we have to learn how to conceal them.

Wrinkles are covered with a thin line of concealer applied along the lines that you smooth well with a small cosmetic sponge or your fingertips until the wrinkles are covered. The concealer is then covered with foundation cream, preferably in liquid form that will take a smooth consistency after being applied on the skin, as powder is not recommended for all types of complexions with wrinkles because it amplifies and deepens them.

Author Bio: Jordon, Known in the fashion world as a fashion adroit. For more than a decade he has worked for many clients as a fashion consultant and also as an author for various fashion websites to propel their concepts beyond reality with sublime flare, hitting the fashion jackpot every time. He has a keen sense of fashion and an unparalleled creative eye for exactly what is right in fashion. Currently his contribution can be seen on Thetshirtman.

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