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The Art of Love relationship series with Arielle Ford, John Gray and more

Art of Love
Art of Love
Evolving Wisdom

Plilly singles can obtain some awesome information to use as they navigate relationships by listening to the online webinar series pulled together by Arielle Ford. This no cost event can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home and interviews are available to listen to for free for 24 hours.

The series starts on April 1 and runs for 9 days. These seminars and workshops may help you overcome unconscious habits that block intimacy and help you to adopt new techniques to find and sustain a whole new level of closeness with your partner.

The incredible faculty for the series includes Dr. John Gray, Harville Hendrix, Alison Armstrong, Drs. Gay and Katie Hendricks, Neale Donald Walsch, Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT, Claire Zammit, Ph.D, Lisa Nichols, along with Arielle and so many others. These renowned relationship gurus will share their secrets and what they have learned along their paths to relationships..

In this extraordinary series, you’ll discover how to . . .

  • End destructive habits like blame, judgment and criticism that stand in the way of intimacy
  • Master effective communication skills to get your needs met with ease
  • Restore trust and heal from betrayal so you can finally get past your past
  • Explore creative new ways to deepen intimacy and connection—even amidst the busyness and distractions of modern life
  • Have a more soulful, satisfying sex life
  • Deepen your friendship through fun and play
  • And so much more . . .
  • And all of it will help you create a truly connected and authentic partnership with the one you love now—or the one who’s on the way!

Best of all, these techniques are effective whether you and your partner both participate in the series or not—and even if you’re not in a relationship now, but hope to be someday soon. Learn this now and you will be ready to move forward confidently when the right relationship comes along.

Get the details and register for The Art of Love Relationship Series here. Do it now and get started on a journey to better relationships.

No worries if you read this after the series. This link will take you to the page where you can obtain information on the series and purchasing options available via the affiliate link.

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