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The art of Hessam Abrishami at La Valencia Hotel

Amid breathtaking views of the La Jolla coastline, exquisite artwork adorns the walls of The Galeria at La Valencia Hotel.

Artwork by Hessam Abrishami;
Credit: Suzanne Chun

In a partnership with Monarch Fine Art Gallery, 10 limited edition prints of Hessam Abrishami’s paintings are on exhibit in The Galeria through August 31. Several of Abrishami’s original paintings are displayed at Monarch Fine Art Gallery in La Jolla.

The natural light in The Galeria provides the perfect atmosphere for viewing the cheerful colors and harmonious, dream-like composition in Abrishami’s work. “I do not choose the colors and composition,” said Abrishami. “They choose me. This is the way I am. I think that I am a happy person and I try to express that through my painting in this way and it comes through naturally.”

Abrishami, who was born in Iran, said his interest in art was encouraged by his eighth grade teacher. “I decided to recreate one of his portrait drawings and turn it into an assignment, expecting him to have an angry response,” said Abrishami. “However, something remarkable happened. He simply said, ‘you are better than me’ and I received an ‘A’ for my work.”

“This was probably the turning moment which fueled the passion, which then blossomed into an obsession,” said Abrishami. “In the tenth grade, I won first place in a drawing competition, and later first place again in Iran’s National Painting Competition, and so my career began.”

In 1971 Abrishami received a diploma in architecture from the Nazami Institute in Shiraz, Iran, and in 1979, he graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the Accademia di Belle Arti Pietro Vannuci, Perugia in Italy.

Abrishami immigrated to the United States in 1984 to pursue his painting career. “When I came to the United States, I could not speak English and did not have any relatives or friends, and this was hard at first,” Abrishami said. “However, I believed in myself and my work and I tried to show my work whenever and wherever I could present it to others.”

Abrishami’s perseverance paid off. Worldwide, there are now more than 20,000 private collectors of his work. He said he is grateful to have the opportunity to make people happy with his art. “I hope that they may see my paintings and that I can hopefully add something to their lives,” Abrishami said. “This gives me great pleasure.”


When not in use for an event, The Galeria is open to the public with the work of various artists represented by Monarch Fine Art on exhibit throughout the year. “We encourage people to engage in the art,” said Rita Moore, director of sales and marketing for La Valencia Hotel. “We have it listed on our website and we are not only encouraging people to see the art in The Galeria, but directing them over to the Monarch Fine Art Gallery to engage even more fully.”

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