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The art of hanging pictures


Hanging photo picture wall art decorHow do you know exactly where to hang a picture on a big, empty wall? And how do you group a series of photos together? Hanging wall décor is an art – you are allowed to be creative, but you do need to know the basics.

Pictures should hang just above eye level. And eye level may vary from room to room – in a sitting room, pictures may be hung at sitting eye level. In a hallway, for example, they should be hung at standing eye level. Use your best judgment when determining whether to use sitting or standing eye level for hanging pictures.
Also, eye level may vary from person to person. Let’s just assume that the average person is 5’-6”. Therefore, the center of the picture should hang from five to five and a half feet above the floor.
Cluster smaller photos together to create an interesting focal point. A single photo in a 4x6 frame may look unbalanced if hung alone on a large wall. But when paired with at least one other photo they together create a single piece of wall décor. If they are the same size, hang them in a straight line, either horizontally or vertically.
If you have two photos that are different sizes, line up the edges of the frames to create a visual line. If you have three photos of varying sizes, draw an imaginary line on the wall by lining up the centers of the photos (at eye level).
Pay attention to balance in the room. Do not hang all your pictures on one wall – by leaving the other walls empty, you are creating a sense of unbalance in the room. However, negative space is good, too! Don’t fill up every bit of every wall.
Leave space between photos, but not too much. There should be 4-6” between photos (place your hand between photos for quick measuring). Art hanging above furniture should be from 8-12” above the top of the furniture.
Pay attention to the wall-art ratio. As I mentioned earlier, a small picture alone on a large wall looks lonely and unbalanced. A large, empty wall is a blank canvas. Utilize that space by hanging a large piece of art in the center of that wall. However, do not hang a huge picture on a small wall, either.
Click here to see pictures of different groupings of pictures on a wall. Here you will find ideas for hanging art pieces together: symmetrical and asymmetrical art placement, how to space pictures, and how to arrange pictures like those in an art gallery or museum.

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