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The Art Kids of San Diego County help beautify the Adams Ave. area

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Art Kids of San Diego County are painting seven utility boxes to help beautify the Adams Ave area with their art.
Howard Woodward, Photographer

The corner of Adams Ave and Felton contains seven utility boxes. Six out of the seven haven't been re-painted for some seven years and are badly in need for a face lift. Enter "The Art Kids of San Diego County," (TAKOSDC) with ideas, paint brushes and acrylic paint. With the help from Dick Blick Art Materials, TAKOSDC is able to work on projects such as these. Blick's supports the kids with their activities in ways that make it easier financially for these young artists to beautify the San Diego Area.

Working on this project the young artists range from eight years old to 63. We are working on a fantasy theme with technology mixed in. This will take two Saturdays but will make the corner an example of what TAKOSDC can do for the San Diego area. There are a total of seven boxes each having its own sub-theme being done primarily by two young artists. The director and one or two of his teachers are there to teach new ways to create and to help with the technical aspect of painting. The art is incredible if you think about the average age of the artists is 13 years old.

People walking by notice the age of the artists but are completely taken by surprise when they see the quality of art that these very talented kids create. TAKOSDC works all over the county but has it main art classes in the Marina area of Chula Vista. This is their 11th year working to promote art through the beautification of the South San Diego area. From murals to individual commissions TAKOSDC makes the art community stand up and look at the creativity and talent that these gifted kids have.

The kids have worked on special projects that have helped the communities around the San Diego area. They just finished a demolition Derby car for the Imperial Beach Fire Department by hand painting their entry to the demolition Derby. The car won the derby and all the proceeds went to the Burn Institute of San Diego. TAKOSDC also volunteer at community events by face painting at various local events. Face painting is one of the subjects taught by TAKOSDC to help kids raise money for themselves so they can purchase their own art supplies. TAKOSDC's leading face painter is 13 year old Ily A. who gets paid a minimum of $100.00 for each private party. So far she has earned over $1,200.00 with her own face painting business. Another student has helped me with some of the murals we have been painting and has earned some $300.00 for his efforts.

So the kids will be painting next Saturday to finish the corner and make a real statement to the art community. If one is interested in the program they can look at their website and get all the information necessary to see what is involved with the program. The lessons are free and there is only a once a year material fee of $100.00. This fee pays for paint, brushes, clay, pencils, paper, canvases and any other materials used in painting, drawing and sculpting. Website:

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