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The art inherent in '80s night at the BCM

Art from '80s Night at the Boston Children's Museum
Art from '80s Night at the Boston Children's Museum
©Pearlescence Photography / Marjorie LaPrade

The Boston Children's Museum had another successful “Boston Grown-Ups Museum” event on Wednesday, June 18, 2014. With only two months between this and the last adult night, the museum tried an '80s theme. It was the perfect compliment to their current exhibit “Art For Your Feet” in The Gallery. Encouraging event goers to wear clothing inspired by that decade created walking art, via fashion.

As read on a plaque in the current exhibit:

“The intention of this exhibition is to showcase sneakers as art and to inspire and reimagine the way that children and adults perceive sneakers. By expanding the role of sneakers from utilitarian fashion accessory to artistic inspiration to art itself, the hope is that the process will make a full circle and encourage children to dress themselves up in art and grant them permission to reconsider the everyday items that can be art, too!” - Olivia Ives-Flores, exhibit curator.

What other artful activities were available that night? The participants in The Art Studio were collaborating on a group pop art project, citing Andy Warhol as inspiration. Every time someone made a soap bubble in the Bubbles zone, a beautiful iridescent object was created only to spontaneously disappear. The short life cycle of the material makes it all the more alluring. There were window exhibits on every floor that pay homage to the idea of the “cabinet of curiosities” method of showing a collection. Other than the obvious sculptures, paintings and drawings on display, the museum also encouraged dancing throughout the night. Dance is an art form that is often overlooked, much like fashion.

There are several pictures in our slideshow to tantalize your imagination. Did you take a look? Feeling envious? There's another “Boston Grown-Ups Museum” event coming up! This time there will be a beach theme. We can't wait to see what fun they have in store for us this time. It will occur on Wednesday, July 30, 2014. Get your tickets here before they sell out! You can visit the BCM website for directions and more about the museum itself. If you want the inside scoop on all these adult nights, you can “like” the Boston Children's Museum Facebook page.