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CLASSIC CHINESE FENG SHUI is a weapon for success in business and finances and for thousands of years, The Feng Shui Masters handpicked a few "special" students. Together they tightly protected ANCIENT CLASSICAL FENG SHUI concepts, formula's, knowledge and wisdom. It's secrets were poetically disguised in chinese verses that were called "classics" and because of this secrecy Feng Shui was difficult to comprehend, so only Masters that had lifetimes of training, experience and knowledge knew how to put to use these secrets to keep ONLY MEN in power, win battles, monopolize and amass wealth! Historically, only the noble and high ranking were the only ones allowed the benefits of Feng Shui.

There mere efforts to discover the secrets of Feng Shui's power and wisdom, many sought to become scholars of the classics and many paid high prices to receive the hidden verses in formulas. Today, so many created Feng Shui to their beliefs which is why there are so many misunderstandings, myths and misguided that DO NOT represent the TRUE ESSENTIAL EFFECTIVENESS OF OF FENG SHUI and could actually have the wrong effect and direct your life on the wrong path. There are over 1000 books written about Feng Shui out there, yet the True Masters, it is said have not written one word!! This adheres to the secrecy and reason one must learn and practice authentic Feng Shui to have clarity and transform. Applying Feng Shui and to adapt to the many changes in the world in social interaction, communication, the way we conduct our business, constructing homes, buildings for abundance and prosperity. Apply science, create economic strategies and create the abundant life we are meant to live. There is only one Feng Shui Master that has preserved the essence of ancient Feng Shui while scientifically developing it to synchronize with our modern world, integrates techniques from San He and San Juan to go beyond waht most schools offer. A systematic approach to "see the Chi" (life force) that expands the mind past 2 dimensions to a multi-dimensional analysis of the 5 - Elemental Theory. This opens up levels of the universe that few have had privilage of experiencing.

This Feng Shui can effectively make a difference in peoples lifes, careers, relationships, by using the environmental energies with their personality, occupation, current situation and then develop strategies that increase the chance of achieving specific goals, outcomes and support for their priorities. The Journey of exploration of the depths of our environment, the way it influences us and how to harness this energy. Seeing thru the "eye of the Chi" opens your awareness with the tools to add power by influencing the individual and collective destinies.

To experience this science and art of Feng Shui will enrich your life forever! Take the first step to make the change to a Butterfly and Fly on the wings of Love!


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