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The 'Arnold fitness expo' comes to Columbus

Downtown Columbus will be the hot spot this weekend, in a collaborative health effort with some of the nation’s leading organizations and companies. These organizations and companies will showcase the latest trends in sports equipment, apparel and nutrition, competitions, and more. These activities will occur at the Arnold Sports Festival, located in five areas around the city. The main location of the event will take place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, with other attractions and activities at Veterans Memorial, Nationwide Arena, Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, and Dispatch Ice Haus. Attendants will be able to attend events such as cheerleading and dance, wrestling, tae kwon do, archery, skating boarding, among other health related activities.
The residents of Columbus and its surrounding areas, will be included in the activities of a sporting event, which has been deemed the nation’s largest health and fitness exposition. Attendants are encouraged to bring family, friends, and others who want to make fitness a part of their daily regimen.
General admission to the expo is $10; however there are other prices affixed to various events of interest. Some of these events are the strength training seminar, body building prejudging, fitness and bikini championships, and more.
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