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The Arctic Monkeys will return to Chicago


 Arctic Monkeys 'Humbug' Domino, Warner Bros, EMI

The Arctic Monkeys are going to return to Chicago after their somewhat raucous Lollapalooza appearance way back in August, when the weather was just slightly warmer. That performance was quite an enthralling spectacle of a large and amped crowd, replete with numerous crowd surfers, that was thoroughly moved by the high-energy tunes of these young Brit-rockers. During Lollapalooza they were still coming off of the immediate and substantial success of both their debut album, "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" and their subsequent "Favorite Worst Nightmare"; both of which were massive hits in England and actually broke some CD-sales records. Both of these albums are filled with high-tempo, high energy, rock songs that contain a palpable feeling of youth and jittery fun.

But... since then they released a brand new LP, "Humbug". Instead of being filled with work-out friendly tracks, "Humbug" turned out to be a more mature and reserved creation. It's still the Arctic Monkeys you've come to know, but on the whole it is a more well-rounded and dynamic approach as they show they are capable of playing songs with assorted energy levels.

Some people have lamented the change-of-pace of their latest release, but many more have found it to be their most superlative work yet. And in the long run any band can't keep releasing similar music, and hope to retain their popularity and following. It is natural and healthy for a band to morph as they age.

So head out to the Metro on December 6th and check out The Arctic Monkey's playing their new material for the first time in Chicago.

If you have never seen them before then come to check out their talented brand of frolicking, dark-undertoned, rock n' roll. If you have seen them before, then you will want to see them again to witness how they will adapt their boisterous live show for their new album.  

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