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The application that automates work for you

The app that automates your tasks
The app that automates your tasks

There has been a newly updated application added to the iPhone app store. The application’s name is IFTTT. IFTTT stands for if this then what. The application has proven to be useful and what many people were looking for and needed. For anyone that is familiar with programming, this application takes basic if commands and executes what you tell it to if the command happens.

Many people are loving this app because the possibilities for this application are endless. Some examples and common uses of this application involve: automatically uploading your contacts into a google spreadsheet every time you add a contact, log all trips into google spreadsheets, getting a text message when someone uploads a picture of you to Instagram, and more! This app has been needed for quite some time.

Users of this application are excited because this application allows the users to save a lot of time and automatically does simple tasks for them. The most recent update of this application was April 3, 2014. This update allowed the iPad users to use the application also. The latest updated of this application has been getting the most buzz out of all of the application’s updates. Along with being in the media, the application has also been put on the app store featured page. If you are interested in trying this new awesome app, you can go to the link below to download it.

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