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The appearance of the maker

It is a matter of place and of time. Because of this there are many interchanges that take place. Of these there is one that we may call 'entering the garden sometime after midnight.' It is in this place and time that the reality of becoming and being switch places. The one is inhabited by the other or visa versa come morning. Now in this reversal of roles there is one very important aspect to be considered; that is the role of maker.

In everything the maker appears
In everything the maker appears
Wise above and below 1

When your focus is that of setting up the days events it is quite different from living out what has been set out before you. Therefore the role of Maker assumes a predominate role at this time. The Maker is typically misunderstood as being somehow far away or above or even in some ways aloof apart from the situation of becoming of being. Nothing could be further from the reality of Maker.

Maker not only is intimately a part of the totality of its creations but is also irrevocably linked to both the aspects of becoming and being as they intertwine to give verification to the Maker throughout its role of superseding the events that are taking place every moment except of course during the actual making. That is another story altogether.

All of these insights may only be realized in the Garden sometime after midnight. This is a time honored tradition. Perhaps it is because of the quiet of the night or more likely a combination of that quiet and stillness of the soul that finally has a chance to commune with and become the Maker. This is something that causes inspiration to flow and to overflow. It is with this purpose that the Maker appears, seems to disappear and then is suddenly revealed right in the middle of everything.

Another reason for the appearance of the Maker at this time of the diurnal day and night is that Consciousness has established it so. It is a natural unfolding of the sun and the moon and various constellations, stars in the heavens that repeats itself over and over again. Therefore during this time, these moments are filled with the wisdom of the ages literally ripening like fruit upon the vine they become gems of insight that are there to be gleaned by the enlightened. It is this gleaning process that takes place in the blink of an eye causing so much quality information to come pouring through that it makes even the most brilliant daily observation seem dull in comparison.

These moments in the Garden after midnight are a condensation of the days events sharing their meaning and opening up the way for the Maker to operate now in a conscious way as opposed to an unconscious dream like state. What is crucial to this state of being is the establishment of the Maker and the consciousness of the process that is taking place. When this consciousness has been fulfilled then the work is then by definition done. B"H

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