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The appeal of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum on the big screen together

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are the stars of the 2014 film "22 Jump Street," the sequel to "21 Jump Street," a movie starring the actors in the roles of Jenko and Schmidt, two rookie cops sent on an undercover mission to infiltrate a local high school. This time, fans can look forward to the crime-fighting duo infiltrating a drug ring in a local college. As with the previous film, fans also can look forward to more of the on-screen chemistry between Tatum and Hill that has had audiences buzzing with anticipation since filming began in Sept. 2013.

Even though "22 Jump Street" is an action-packed comedy above all else, the film also focuses heavily on the relationship between the two main characters. Hill portrays Schmidt, an intelligent but overly sarcastic police officer who makes up for what he lacks in strength with his street savvy. Tatum portrays Jenko, a police officer with movie star good looks and a strong sense of dedication. The two characters have been inseparable from their first day in police academy, but events at the beginning of "22 Jump Street" threaten to tear them apart.

Outside of their respective roles, Tatum and Hill have off-screen chemistry as well. The two actors have made it clear during various interviews that they get along like brothers. Both actors came from humble beginnings, with Hill starting out as a low-level comedy writer and Tatum as a college athlete. Through hard work and perseverance, both men worked their way up from minor roles to Hollywood stardom as leading men. Hill's first big role came in "I Heart Huckabees," while Tatum became known from a small role in television's "CSI: Miami."

The stark contrast between Tatum and Hill made them popular fan favorites for Jenko and Schmidt, and their eventual casting was met with considerable excitement. "21 Jump Street" cemented that Tatum and Hill are a cinematic match made in heaven. In addition to all the laughs and exploding cars that the original "21 Jump Street" was known for, these actors brought more emotional depth to the franchise. The relationship between Jenko and Schmidt is heartfelt and goes deeper than most in the buddy cop genre.

In addition to "21 Jump Street," Tatum and Hill thrilled audiences by appearing together in a 2013 film called "This is the End." "This is the End" is directed by none other than Seth Rogen, an iconic comedian, writer and actor who had a significant production role in both "21 Jump Street" and "22 Jump Street." Rogen's film features many of Hollywood's top celebrities as they attempt to survive the end of the world. Although Tatum's role is minor, critics and fans expressed that it was one of the best parts of the film.

Perhaps the most appealing thing of all about seeing Hill and Tatum in the same movie is that genuine off-screen friendship that became especially close after filming "This is the End." The bond of friendship and humor the actors share comes through in their roles as Jenko and Schmidt, making the "21 Jump Street" franchise even more believable. Genuine chemistry is the crucial element that allows a great script and great acting performances to come alive on screen.

Considering Hill and Tatum's brilliant chemistry and hilarious back-and-forth rapport, it's easy to see why the idea of the pair starring together once again is so appealing. These actors are at the height of their careers, and their brotherly bond makes them a truly enjoyable act to watch. The rave reviews and box office successes these actors have enjoyed in the past few years mean audiences can expect to see more of this on-screen duo in years to come.

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