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The Apostolic Poet Society

folded letter
folded letter

A new society has emerged with a new twist on sharing the gospel message. Founder, Shawn Morrison of Waterbury, CT began spreading the word about the creation of the first Apostolic Poet Society (T.A.P.S.) and saw her dream come true on July 17, 2010 when T.A.P.S had its first session.

Guest Author, and now Chair of T.A.P.S., Patricia Middleton led a rejuvenating workshop called the Gift of Writing Poetry. Poets participated in a discussion on writer’s block, run-on poems and unfinished works. As creator of Poetricia Publishing, Middleton also gave both natural and spiritual advice about pursuing dreams. At nightfall, a decorative array of poets from the South Carolina to Ohio shared thought-provoking and strong thematic poems.

Though founder, Morrison doesn’t consider herself to be a poet, she has the ability to ignite the fire of both well-known and undercover writers in pursuit of their dreams. Many of the poets thanked Morrison for her hard work and many efforts to see the vision become a reality.

Join Morrison and an enthusiastic group of poets from all over the United States by attending the next session of T.A.P.S. on August 28, 2010 at the Big “A” in Waterbury, CT at 7:30 p.m.